Who Is Pedro Jimeno Dating? Relationship Info!

Who Is Pedro Jimeno Dating? Relationship Info!

Pedro, a 30-year-old reality star, is best known for his appearances on the popular spin-off show The Family Chantel, where he appeared with his ex wife Chantel. The couple’s journey began on the show 90 Day Fiancé, where they married each other in spite of the bad family drama. Things got worse, though, as the two grew further apart with each passing year. In the last two seasons of The Family Chantel, Pedro grew very far away from his wife and didn’t seem to want to work on their marriage.

Since they are no longer married, fans are wondering if Pedro is back on the dating scene. After all, rumors are going around about a possible fling.

Pedro Jimeno’s Current Relationship Status

Pedro Jimeno uploaded an image to his social media account. And he left the fans raising their eyebrows. The reality TV star posed for a picture with a woman who appeared to be in her teens. Fans pointed out that Pedro Jimeno may have a romantic relationship with the mystery woman. As a result, some began to respond by claiming that Pedro has always been a dishonest person.

Who Is Pedro Jimeno Dating? Relationship Info!

The picture that ended up getting out has made fans feel extremely uncomfortable. Jimeno was standing close to the girl and had his hands around her waist. People who see her wonder if she is in high school or college.

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Fans of Season 4 of The Family Chantel are sure that Pedro had an affair with his coworker Antonella Barrenchea. Antonella works with Pedro at a real estate company called Laura Delgado Realty. And on the show, Pedro has said that he likes spending more time with Antonella than Chantel.

Since Antonella and Pedro have become pretty close, this has caused a rift between Chantel and Pedro. In fact, Chantel does not like Pedro’s constant jokes with Antonella or their close friendship. So, fans think that Pedro and Antonella are an item.

But neither Antonella nor Pedro have addressed the rumors that they are dating.

Inside Chantel And Pedro’s Divorce

Chantel did everything she could to save her relationship, but it ended when her husband filed for a divorce in May 2022. The separation of the famous reality TV couple has made fans of 90 Day Fiancé disagree.

Even though Chantel Everette is willing to take responsibility for her mistakes, Pedro’s harsh divorce demand has left her in shock. Jimeno’s wife was surprised by what he said and said he was making excuses instead of working on their marriage.


Also, Chantel has caught Pedro in awkward situations more than once, which made fans think he was cheating on her.

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Some fans think the problems started because of Chantel’s annoying behavior, but others think it’s because of Pedro. However, most people agree that the man from the Dominican Republic has done nothing to save his marriage.

Pedro said that that he and Chantel’s marriage is “irretrievably broken.” He also had said that Chantel took $257,000 from their joint bank account about a week before they split up. Pedro also says that Chantel put the money in her sister’s bank account.


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