Who Is Sarah Silverman Boyfriend? Relationship Details With Rory Albanese

Who Is Sarah Silverman Boyfriend? Relationship Details With Rory Albanese

Sarah Kate Silverman is an American comedian, actress, and writer who was born on December 1, 1970. In her comedy, she talks about social taboos and controversial topics like racism, homophobia, politics, and religion, sometimes by having her comic character agree with them in a satirical or deadpan way. For her work on TV, she has won two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Sarah Silverman has dated many celebrities in the entertainment world. Most people know the comedian best for dating Jimmy Kimmel in the early 2000s. Even though they broke up in 2009, but they stayed friends.

People want to know about comedian’s personal life, who’s she dating now. Here’s every detail you need to know about Sarah Silverman’s current boyfriend.

Who Is Sarah Silverman Boyfriend? Relationship Details With Rory Albanese

Inside Sarah Silverman’s Relationship With Rory Albanese

The Comedian Star has been dating comedian Rory Albanese since March 2020, when she met him through her love of video games. “I thought I should start playing video games again because the world was ending. It just made sense. Now is the right time, “In October 2020, Silverman talked about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Sarah Silverman and Rory Albanese are both comedians, so it’s not odd for them to make one another laugh in their own relationship. Silverman told Seth Meyers on March 18, 2021, that she likes it. She told Meyers about a magic trick she did for Albanese when she was alone “I was by myself one night and said, “I really want to watch a Columbo, do you mind?” And he was like, ‘No, I don’t mind.’ And I saw this Columbo episode where there was a magician and they showed a magic trick. I don’t like magic, but I thought, “Oh my God, I’m going to do this when Rory gets here.””

Who Is Sarah Silverman Boyfriend? Relationship Details With Rory Albanese

Rory’s first appearance on Sarah’s Instagram was on November 5 with a picture promoting her appearance on The Endless Honeymoon.

About Silverman’s Current Boyfriend

Rory Albanese is the Executive Producer and Writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He has won nine Emmy Awards for his work on the show. Since 1999, he has been an important part of The Daily Show. He wrote Earth the Book with Jon Stewart and other Daily Show writers.

Rory is a also a well-known stand-up comedian who has toured the country with Lewis Black and on his own. He also performed for American troops in Afghanistan with the USO, was a guest on John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central, and had his own half-hour special on the network in 2010.

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Rory lives in Long Island, New York and has more than 9,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @roryallbanese. Moreover, he is much more active on his Twitter account @roryalbanese, where he has about 50,000 followers.

On his accounts, he keeps all of his followers up-to-date on political news and his views, which are notably anti-Trump. As a writer for The Daily Show, it’s no surprise that he knows about politics.


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