Who Is Scrim’s Girlfriend In 2022? Shared Photo With A Mysterious Girl!

Who Is Scrim's Girlfriend In 2022? Shared Photo With A Mysterious Girl!

Scrim is an underground rapper from New Orleans who is known for his dark and edgy hip-hop. Before his 2020 solo debut, A Man Rose from the Dead, he was known as a member of the duo $uicideboy$.

Scrim, whose real name is Scott Anthony Arceneaux, Jr., was born in Marrero, Louisiana, in 1989. As a teenager, he got interested in music by listening to T-Pain and Kanye West. During his time at Delgado Community College, he bought a laptop and started DJing. In 2014, he and his cousin, the rapper Ruby da Cherry, started the group $uicideboy$.

They gained fans online, and in 2018, their first studio album, I Want to Die in New Orleans, broke into the Top Ten on the Billboard 200. The next year, they worked with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on the EP Live Fast, Die Whenever.

Korn guitarist James Shaffer also contributed to the EP. Scrim’s first solo album, A Man Rose from the Dead, came out in 2020. It was recorded in Palm Desert, California, and was based on his journey to get clean.

People are also kind of curious about scrim’s personal life. So, here we are to quench your thirst.

Who Is Scrim’s Girlfriend In 2022?

It seems like scrim has a girlfriend in 2022. He recently shared a set of photographs, and the first one really stands out. In the photo, Scrim is taking a mirror selfie with an unknown girl. He wrote the caption, “developments…”.

Who Is Scrim's Girlfriend In 2022? Shared Photo With A Mysterious Girl!

It looks like they are both happy to be with each other and very comfortable with each other.

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The comment section of the post is filled with positive comments for the rapper. User chasinkansasbass commented, “Beautiful I’m blessed to have found you guys been a fan for along time just like others I’ve seen you on drug and off you’re one of my favorite people on this rock we call home one day I’ll be able to get a meet a greet pass but I’m glad I haven’t missed a show here in kc since 2017 glad to see you found love man looks good on you.”

He tends to keep his own business to himself. The rap star never discusses his personal life, including his romantic relationships, and his private life is never in the public eye.

7 months ago, he also shared a photograph of a mysterious girl. However, her identity was never revealed.

Who Is Scrim's Girlfriend In 2022? Shared Photo With A Mysterious Girl!

Scrim Had Faced Controversies Due To Lyrics In Past

Their band became famous for its unique lyrics and rhythm. In their songs, they have long lyrics and talk about wanting to end their lives. The things they say in their songs are not for everyone. Some of the songs can be understood by most of the age groups.

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They have gotten a lot of hate for their songs because they include suicidal thoughts. He is good at putting his inner thoughts and feelings into his songs.

Scrim had sometimes thought about killing himself, but he has gotten over it.

He used to be a drug addict and was addicted to heroin, but he has stopped since February 2019. He has gotten over it through therapy and 12 steps programs.

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