Who Is Sheree Whitfield Dating In 2022? Why Do People Hate Her Boyfriend Martell Holt?

Who Is Sheree Whitfield Dating In 2022? Why Do People Hate Her Boyfriend Martell Holt?

After Tyrone didn’t show up for their date in Philadelphia, viewers of RHOA wanted Shereé to find someone better. And it looks like fans may have got what they wanted.

Sheree Whitfield, who is one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has confirmed that she is dating Martell Holt, who is one of the Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars. People in Atlanta have seen the two of them out together. Before she told TMZ, many fans were still guessing about the status of their relationship based on recent Instagram posts.

Who Is Sheree Whitfield Dating In 2022? Why Do People Hate Her Boyfriend Martell Holt?

Reports say that they’ve been dating for more than two months, but she didn’t say how long they’ve been together. A few days ago, the couple was also seen taking selfies at the beach.

Shereé Whitfield Confirmed She’s Dating Martell Holt

Shereé Whitfield has been dating Martin Holt after meeting “through a mutual friend,”. She has even introduced him to friends and “several people” in her family. Shereé told TMZ in July 2022. “We’ve been just hanging out. I’m having a good time right now.”

Who Is Sheree Whitfield Dating In 2022? Why Do People Hate Her Boyfriend Martell Holt?

Martell, her new boyfriend has five kids and is a co-owner of Holt Custom Homes. Since the show’s first season in 2018, he has been on Love & Marriage: Huntsville. And unfortunately, he doesn’t have the best reputation after just a little bit of research into his past.

He had a long-term affair with another woman while he was married to the mother of his four children. Arionne Curry, Martell’s mistress, says they are no longer dating, but she posted pictures of them at a concert together in June on her social media. By a very simple calculation, he was already dating Sheree at that time.

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Kandi Burruss Is Afraid Sheree Whitfield’s New Boyfriend Martell Holt Is Using Her

Sheree Whitfield’s current relationship with Love & Marriage: Huntsville actor Martell Holt is not universally popular. Kandi Burruss, Sheree’s Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star and 52-year-old, has openly expressed her fears just days after the couple’s relationship was officially announced. On a radio appearance in the Atlanta region on July 29, the 46-year-old singer and reality personality said, “I don’t want her to be in a situation where it feels like she’s being used for publicity.”

She followed up by citing an incident she said occurred when an anonymous “family friend” of hers, who is also a reality TV personality, went on a date with Martell at her restaurant, Blaze. Earlier this year, she remembered, “[my friend] asked me out on a date to Blaze and said, ‘Oh could you have another table open for us because we’re going to have somebody recording our pictures and film so they can publish it.'”

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She acknowledged that only one outlet had disseminated the images, but that the situation as a whole was “strange.” “My entire argument was that now that I see this comparable circumstance, I’m like, is he doing this?” she continued. Is he sincere, or is he acting just like he did to the other person?

Sheree acknowledged that her romance with Tyrone Gilliams has long since ended when the TMZ photographer questioned her about her future intentions with Martell and her previous relationship with him. “That’s it for him. Certainly,” she replied.


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