Who Is Sophie Flay’s Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Sophie Flay's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

When it comes to famous chefs, Bobby Flay is a name that everyone knows. The author, radio host, and TV personality is one of the 10 richest celebrity chefs in the world, and his new show, Bobby and Sophie on the Coast, which he will host with his daughter, is likely to add to his $60 million net worth.

Fans of the famous chef are excited to see Bobby go to the California coast in this new project, and many want to know more about his only child, Sophie. Who is Sophie Flay, anyway? Does she cook like her father? Who Is Sophie Flay’s Boyfriend? Is she serious with him?

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Who Is Sophie Flay, Is She A Chef?

Fans of Bobby Flay may already know Sophie because she starred with her famous father in a Food Network show called The Flay List in 2019. The Flay List seems like the East Coast version of Bobby and Sophie on the Coast because it followed the father and daughter as they tried out restaurants in the New York area.

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Sophie has been on several of her dad’s shows, like Brunch at Bobby’s and Beat Bobby Flay, even though she is not a chef like her dad. Sophie could have gone into cooking like Bobby, but instead, she chose to study broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and got her degree in 2018.

Who Is Sophie Flay's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

The community journalist now works for ABC7 in Los Angeles, where she covers local news and contributes to Localish, a network owned by ABC that shows “extraordinary people, places, and passions across America.” Sophie did an internship at NBC News after her first year of college, and then she did an internship for the Olympics at the network. She also did an internship at Warner Bros. and voiceover work for Spotify from 2016 to 2018.

Who Is Sophie Flay’s Boyfriend?

Sophie has never confirmed her relationship with anyone, but, she shared an intimate photograph with an entrepenur man, named Jesse Baer.

In the photograph, Sophie was kissing the man in the boat. The location is very perfect for couples. Sophie was wearing a Voilet bikini, in contrast to her, the man is wearing a solid red t-shirt and the same colored shorts.

According to People, Sophie is currently in a committed relationship with the successful businessman Jesse Baer. So does Dad approve?

Bobby affirms, “He’s a really nice young man.” “I am not your average parent who will tell you, “You better take care of my daughter.” She is no longer a child. My support goes out to the person she’s seeing at the moment. For the sake of both people involved, I hope he is successful in this relationship.”

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Bobby argues that it helps that Baer is “very courteous and considerate” in addition to being extremely intelligent.

According to Bobby, when they get together as a family they eat “a lot of food.” Sophie chimes in with, “And horse racing.”

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