Who Is Tekashi 6iv9ine’s Girlfriend? Why She Is Arrested?

Who Is Tekashi 6iv9ine's Girlfriend? Why She Is Arrested?

The girlfriend of Tekashi 6ix9ine, a millennial novelty act, was arrested early Monday morning for hitting him outside of a club in Miami.

Rachel Wattley, 25, was booked into the Miami-Dade jail at 3:40 a.m. after she hit her recording artist boyfriend several times in Kiki by the River, a nightclub and restaurant at 455 NW N River Drive, in accordance with the arrest report and online records.

Wattley and the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez and is 26 years old, have been dating for three years and have a child together, but it’s not clear if he was invited to the party.

According to the arrest report from the Miami Police Department, Wattley and Hernandez were led out of the restaurant at half past midnight after she grabbed his chain and hit him several times in the face.

The police said that they continued to fight outside the club, where she hit him again.

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In the arrest report, it said that Hernandez’s left cheek was swollen, and he told police that she had punched him.

Who Is Tekashi’s Girlfriend, Rachel Wattley?

Tekashi 69 is presently dating Rachel Wattley, also known as Jade. She is well-known for being a bartender, wannabe rapper, and social media influencer and gained attention in August 2022 when it was announced that she had been detained in Miami.

She was detained on a battery accusation stemming from a domestic violence incident, according to TMZ. He told authorities she hit him, according to the police report, and video obtained by the media source showed the couple fighting verbally.

He did not want to assist the police, though, according to TMZ.

The rapper later disclosed to TMZ that he is attempting to free his girlfriend who has been imprisoned.

“I’m going to get her out of jail because she assaulted me in front of the cops, and I told them to assess her because I don’t want to file any charges. I’m the one attempting to save her “At the time, he remarked. Jade frequently posts about her life to her over 1.7 million Instagram followers, aside from her well-known romance and legal troubles.

Who Is Tekashi 6iv9ine's Girlfriend? Why She Is Arrested?

Jade Supports Her Man In His Hard Times

Throughout the years, Jade has continued to support 6ix9ine despite the obstacles. She frequently visited him in prison, posted updates on his release online, wore his distinctive rainbow hair, and even went so far as to have a large tattoo of his face on her chest.

She said she had only met Tekashi a few weeks before he was charged in her letter to the judge pleading for mercy, but she also proclaimed her deep love for him.

Who Is Tekashi 6iv9ine's Girlfriend? Why She Is Arrested?

“When I first met Daniel Hernandez, he wasn’t at all like what I had read online. He was completely the contrary. He was incredibly respectful, gregarious, charming, friendly, and genuinely generous.”

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Yes, we had been acquainted for a few weeks prior to his indictment, but I chose to stand by his side not because I felt compelled to, but rather because he required a dependable ally.

In the aftermath of his felony accusations and ongoing insulting of seasoned professionals like The Game and Chief Keef, she has stood in his camp while many others have either dropped or turned on the controversial rapper. Jade has always stood solidly behind her man.

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