Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? Is He Dating Paris Hilton After Breakup With Hayley Atwell?

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? Is He Dating Paris Hilton After Breakup With Hayley Atwell?

Tom Cruise is said to have broken up with Hayley Atwell for the second time.

According to The Sun, the Top Gun: Maverick star, 59, and his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star, 40, have broken up after recently reuniting after their first separation in September 2021.

‘Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out for them,’ a source told the publication. They’ve come to the conclusion that they’re better off as friends.’

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? Is He Dating Paris Hilton After Breakup With Hayley Atwell?

‘They get along incredibly well and have great chemistry, which is why they chose to quietly restart their relationship earlier this year.’

‘What worked behind closed doors didn’t work out so well when it was made public, and the fanfare surrounding them as a couple exploded anew,’ according to the insider.

‘In spite of certain rumors to the contrary, it was never just for the cameras,’ the source said, adding that the couple’s romance was ‘real.’

On May 19, Atwell wore a black crop top and matching velvet skirt with a high slit to the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in London, where she looked stunning.

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‘She’s purely there to support him,’ a source told The Sun at the time. It’s a significant step forward for them.’

After meeting on the set of Mission: Impossible 7, the two started dating in 2020 and were first revealed to be dating in December.

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating? Is He Dating Paris Hilton After Breakup With Hayley Atwell?

Tom, who plays Ethan Hunt in the popular franchise, and Hayley, who plays Grace, spent much of the previous year filming the film in the United Kingdom, as well as in Rome, Venice, and Norway.

Despite the fact that the two had never explicitly confirmed their relationship, they were reported to have become ‘pretty inseparable’ after ‘hitting it off from day one’ on set.

The couple’s romance, though, was reported to have ‘run its course’ by September.

‘It has been a pretty stressful period of filming together,’ an insider told regarding the breakup. They got along very well, but as the newest film draws to a close, they’ve chosen to rekindle their friendship.

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Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton? What’s The Truth Behind Their Video On Tiktok?

There’s a reason why the new TikTok video of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton exchanging loving words before getting dressed for a night venue has gone viral.

Tom Cruise (supposedly) recently participated in a cereal commercial with actress Paris Hilton, in which the two are seen speaking around a dining table. While the two famous celebrities surprise their followers with this new upload, Tom is seated and Paris is taking notes about the cereal.

Many past deepfake videos have included a fake Tom Cruise performing various things, such as singing a great acoustic rendition of a country song or even giving motivational speeches.

No, It’s Not Tom Cruise In The Video, It’s His look-alike Miles Fisher

Dailymail only recently dispelled some of the rumors around the video by uploading it along with the remarks that accompanied it “Paris Hilton and Miles Fisher, who looks a lot like Tom Cruise, sit down to a bowl of cereal together. When describing the cereal, Paris repeats her famous catchphrase “That’s Hot,” and Miles responds in a hilariously sarcastic manner “.

No, It's Not Tom Cruise In The Video, It's His look-alike Miles Fisher

So for the moment, it might be considered safe to assume that Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton may not be dating, however, its a surprising world we live in so we would update you as and when any other details emerge.


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