Why Did DeShawn Snow File For A Divorce?

Why Did DeShawn Snow File For A Divorce?

Fans were pretty sad when DeShawn Snow left The Real Housewives of Atlanta after just one season. The reality star’s life was full of drama, both on and off camera. Now, fans are wondering what she’s doing with her life.

Let’s see what DeShawn is doing now, more than 10 years after he was on RHOA. Because this former reality TV star is always getting into trouble of some kind.

When Did DeShawn Snow File For A Divorce?

After 12 years of marriage, Deshawn and Eric Snow, who used to play in the NBA, got a very nasty divorce in 2010. Darius, Eric, and Jarren are their three sons. She told the magazine Life & Style that she was trying to move on and do her best for her sons.

“I’m great. I’m eager to get things done, “she told the newspaper. “I’m definitely making progress, and I’m getting better because of this. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, writing, and healing since I’ve been on the show.

Why Did DeShawn Snow File For A Divorce?

The divorce made DeShawn want to write a series of books for kids called Lil Shawnee. After her breakup, she even lost 30 pounds. She told Us Weekly, “I felt like I couldn’t do anything.” “I had no control over anything that was going on in my life, but I could control my weight and how much I worked out.”

She said that Trey Crump, her personal trainer, helped her. “He didn’t ask me any questions, we just worked things out. That was his way of getting me out of bed, and once I did, I didn’t stop.

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DeShawn Snow Loves Spending Time With Her Kids

DeShawn loves taking care of her three sons and posting happy things on Instagram. The former reality star has a lot of projects coming up that are meant to make women stronger.

“All of my projects are aimed at giving young women more power and confidence,” she said. “It’s hard to believe that everything happens for a reason. You can’t be a victim; you have to be a winner. You have to push through it and know that success is the best revenge.

In 2019, DeShawn Was Charged With Fraud

DeShawn worked as a real estate agent after RHOA. In August 2019, a lawsuit was filed, and Thrivest, a company that “offers cash advances for not-yet-completed real estate commissions,” is the main plaintiff.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thrivest gave DeShawn’s company, DSE Holdings, $157,895.74 from the supposed commission of $746,859.96 for the spot purchase of 22,632.12 carats of diamonds. But the deal didn’t work out. Now, the lawsuit says that it was a “sham” that was only meant to give Snow a reason to get another advance to pay for her lifestyle.

Why Did DeShawn Snow File For A Divorce?

DeShawn said, “The company’s claim that I committed fraud is a blatant attempt to create a picture of trickery and deceit where none exists, and I disagree with their claims.”

She went on to say, “Because of my fame, the company not only wants to go after me personally but also wants to hurt my business relationships and get me bad press.”

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Even though DeShawn seems happier than ever with her “revenge body” after her divorce and spending time with her three sons, her work life seems to be a completely different story. Hopefully, these charges of fraud will be taken care of and this part of her life will calm down a bit.

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