Who Is Alex Rodriguez’s Girlfriend? Meet Jaclyn Cordeiro

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, known as A-Rod, is a former professional baseball player turned businessman and philanthropist. Throughout his successful career in Major League Baseball, he played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees.

While Rodriguez’s baseball achievements are well-documented, his personal life has also garnered attention. After a highly publicized breakup with Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod has found love again with a Canadian fitness instructor named Jaclyn Cordeiro. Let’s delve into the details and learn more about this new chapter in Rodriguez’s romantic life.

When Did Alex Rodriguez And Jaclyn Cordeiro Start Dating?

According to sources, Rodriguez and Cordeiro were first linked romantically in October 2022. The pair shares a mutual passion for fitness and exercise, with Cordeiro being a dedicated fitness instructor and competitor herself. People close to the couple describe them as both being “fitness obsessed” and into bodybuilding. Rodriguez’s focus on his physical well-being and the lessons he learned from his past mistakes have made him appreciate the importance of personal growth and becoming a better partner.

Who Is Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriend? Meet Jaclyn Cordeiro

While the details of how Rodriguez and Cordeiro met remain unknown, their romance blossomed after Rodriguez’s breakup with Kathryne “Kat” Padgett. Friends of the couple have spoken highly of their happiness and compatibility, praising Cordeiro’s qualities as a former nurse and mother of two. Cordeiro’s Instagram presence reflects her dedication to health and fitness, and she has playfully teased her relationship with A-Rod through cryptic posts and supportive comments.

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Meet Alex Rodriguez’s Girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro:

A Woman of Strength and Ambition: Cordeiro, born on February 14, 1980, in Canada, has an impressive background. She attended St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School in Ontario and later graduated from the University of Windsor with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. A dedicated fitness instructor and founder of JACFIT, a six-week program developed during the pandemic, Cordeiro has become known as the “editor-in-chief of energy.” She is also a published fitness model, lifestyle coach, registered nurse, and writer.

Who Is Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriend? Meet Jaclyn Cordeiro

Cordeiro is a proud single mother to two daughters, Bella and Savanah, whom she shares with her ex, Laureano Cordeiro. Her daughters serve as a constant source of motivation and inspiration for her. Cordeiro includes them in her fitness journey, encouraging them to train and pursue their own athletic interests. She aspires to raise strong, independent, and kind daughters, and their presence in her life resonates with Rodriguez, who shares a commitment to parenting.

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A Peek Into Rodriguez And Cordeiro’s Relationship

Both Rodriguez and Cordeiro believe in the mantra of “progress, not perfection.” This shared mindset aligns with their dedication to personal growth and achieving their goals. Through their social media posts, the couple has showcased their joint workouts, demonstrating their commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. Rodriguez’s interest in fitness has become an essential criterion for him when seeking a partner, and Cordeiro fits the bill perfectly.

Rodriguez and Cordeiro made their relationship official on social media during the holiday season. They posted a heartwarming family photo in front of a Christmas tree, expressing their warm wishes to their followers. Rodriguez also dedicated a special Instagram Reel to Cordeiro on her birthday, showcasing their moments together, including date nights, workouts, and quality time with his daughters.

The couple has been spotted attending various sporting events together, emphasizing their shared interests. Cordeiro proudly sported Yankee gear on her Instagram profile before even dating Rodriguez. Their love for sports extends beyond baseball, as they were seen courtside at NBA games. Rodriguez’s ownership stake in the Minnesota Timberwolves makes basketball a significant part of their lives. The couple’s connection with sports and their mutual acquaintances, including Jay-Z, adds an extra layer of compatibility.

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