Kyle Larson’s Wife & Children: He Wins Las Vegas NASCAR Race

At Hendrick Motorsports, it’s a tradition to ring a bell in their North Carolina shop after each NASCAR win. Kyle Larson’s team decided to take this tradition on the road, bringing a bell with them to celebrate victories immediately, aiming to make this season his best yet.

Larson kicked off the bell’s travels with a win at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, securing his second consecutive victory and maintaining Chevrolet’s unbeaten streak. This also marked Rick Hendrick’s second win in the first three NASCAR Cup Series races of the season.

Right after winning the race, Larson thrilled the crowd with celebratory burnouts. His son Owen, brimming with excitement, wasted no time and dashed to his dad’s car, climbing onto the roof to rally the spectators to cheer for Larson. This all happened before Larson could even step out of the car.

Kyle Larson's Wife & Children: He Wins Las Vegas NASCAR Race

Following his interview, Larson, accompanied by his son Owen and daughter Audrey, made their way to victory lane in the Hendrick Motorsports #5 Chevrolet Camaro.

As Kyle Larson continues to make waves on the track, his family stands as a pillar of support, often seen trackside cheering him on and occasionally joining in the victory lane celebrations. In this feature, we delve into the life of Larson’s wife, Katelyn Sweet, and their children, who recently shared in the joy of his latest triumph.

Meet Katelyn Sweet, Kyle Larson’s Wife

Born on July 28, 1991, in Grace Valley, California, USA, Katelyn Sweet is the daughter of Don and Jennifer Sweet. She has an older brother named Brad Sweet, who is also a professional racing driver.

Kyle Larson's Wife & Children: He Wins Las Vegas NASCAR Race

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Katelyn Sweet is a marathon runner and used to compete in equestrian sports. She gained attention for her tradition of shotgunning beer to celebrate her husband’s victories, a practice she even continued at the NASCAR Awards in 2019.

Katelyn and her husband got engaged on December 22, 2017, coinciding with Owen’s third birthday, and then officially tied the knot on September 26, 2018. However, they’ve been together for most of the past ten years. They currently reside in North Carolina.

All About Kyle and Katelyn’s Children

Kyle Larson and Katelyn Sweet welcomed their first child, Owen Miyata Larson, into the world on December 22, 2014. Their second child, Audrey Lane Larson, arrived on May 7, 2018. Just before the start of 2023, they welcomed their third child, Cooper Donald Larson.

Kyle Larson's Wife & Children: He Wins Las Vegas NASCAR Race

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Their eldest, Owen, has shown an interest in motorsports like his father and even clinched victory in the A-Feature class race at the Dirt Kart Nationals event last August. However, their daughter is facing challenges due to Alopecia, a medical condition.

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