Who Is 6ix9ine’s Boyfriend? Is He A Gay?

Daniel Hernandez, widely known as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, is an American rapper who has gained both fame and notoriety for his aggressive musical style and controversial public persona. With his distinctive rainbow-colored hair, extensive tattoos, legal issues, and highly publicized celebrity feuds, 6ix9ine is no stranger to being in the spotlight.

Recently, rumors and speculation about his sexuality and personal relationships have taken social media by storm, leaving the internet abuzz with questions. In this article, we delve into the alleged revelations surrounding 6ix9ine’s personal life, analyzing the rumors and shedding light on the limited information available.

Unveiling The Controversy: 6ix9ine’s Alleged Same-Sex Relationship

Social media erupted when a supposed picture of 6ix9ine kissing another man went viral, sparking speculation about the rapper’s sexuality. The photo circulated with a quote suggesting that 6ix9ine had come out as gay and had a boyfriend. However, Twitter users have been quick to debunk these rumors, highlighting the lack of concrete evidence and pointing out the possibility of the image being manipulated or taken out of context. As of now, the identity of the person in the photo remains unknown, and the authenticity of the claims remains unverified.

Who Is 6ix9ine's Boyfriend? Is He A Gay?

Adding fuel to the fire, an NSFW video featuring 6ix9ine with another man has reportedly been circulating online. This further intensified rumors about the rapper’s sexual orientation. Some netizens speculated that this video, along with alleged previous explicit content released under the name Apache Blu, indicated 6ix9ine’s coming out. However, it’s important to note that at the time of writing this article, the existence of these videos could not be confirmed. Consequently, the veracity of the claims remains questionable.

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Exploring 6ix9ine’s Romantic History And Domestic Abuse Allegations

Despite the immense media attention surrounding 6ix9ine, little is known about his romantic relationships. Most tabloids have focused on his criminal behavior rather than shedding light on his personal life. One of the few publicized relationships involves Sara Molina, 6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend, who accused him of domestic abuse. The details of their relationship remain murky, but Molina claimed that their association ended due to 6ix9ine’s infidelity.

Who Is 6ix9ine's Boyfriend? Is He A Gay?

6ix9ine has another daughter who was born November 19, 2018, with Marlayna M, although little is known about the nature of their relationship. Rumors suggest that 6ix9ine is not actively involved in his daughter Briella Iris’s life. Marlayna has stated that 6ix9ine has yet to meet their child and raises doubts about whether he ever will. Given 6ix9ine’s troubled past with Sara Molina, Marlayna may question whether it is in her daughter’s best interest to have 6ix9ine in their lives.

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In 2019, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to several charges of domestic abuse involving Sara Molina. However, as part of his cooperation with the government, he won’t face prosecution for these charges. This revelation shed light on the turbulent history between 6ix9ine and Molina, characterized by allegations of abuse and infidelity. Molina has been vocal about the negative aspects of their relationship, underscoring the toxicity that prevailed during their time together.

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