Is Alabama Barker Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Alabama Barker, Travis Barker’s daughter, has never been bashful about indicating that she has a boyfriend, but the 16-year-old was insistent about keeping his identity hidden until very recently.

On June 4, 2021, Alabama posted a photo to Instagram of herself and an unknown male, who was holding her in his arms as they sat on a seat at Nobu for their date. Alabama and her boyfriend both hid their faces from view in the snap by looking down. There were emojis of a diamond ring and a padlock included in her post. A few days later, on June 10, the celebrity teen shared a photo of the couple hugging in a pink-lit room, but her man’s face was still hidden.

Is Alabama Barker Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Many of Travis’s fans are curious about his daughter, Alabama. Who is her boyfriend, and when did they start dating?

Who Is Alabama Barker Dating?

The man rumored to be Alabama’s boyfriend goes by @girlzluhdev on TikTok, though this has not been verified. He has over 138 thousand followers on his Instagram profile and calls himself the “chilli monster” in his bio.

He’s only 17, but he started dating Alabama apparently in their senior year of high school. The TikTok celebrity is also a rapper from California who has dated Travis’ daughter on and off.

Is Alabama Barker Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The upcoming musician currently has 29,200 subscribers on his YouTube page. On his Spotify page, it says that he used to be a basketball star and that his first song, “Tooka,” went viral.

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Since The Kardashians started, there has been a lot more attention on Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama. Her TikTok account is often talked about, and when she posted a video with a guy, fans had a lot to say about it.

Is Alabama Barker Single Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

One person wrote, “All that matters is that you are happy.” Others have talked about how old they are, and one person said, “It doesn’t matter how many times they break up, they belong together.”

She posted a video of herself dancing closely with a man, and he replied with “[heart emoji] Muah.” The video was posted online in March 2022 with the caption “We’re making the world mad again.”

Alabama has shared some other videos with her male friends, but she has usually said in the comments that they are just friends. In this post, though, they seemed to be more than just friends; they looked like they were in love with each other, however, these are mere assumptions.


Alabama is very private about her personal life, but she is a social media pro. She has not made any public announcement about who she is dating at this time, so it would be dangerous to assume anything about their relationship status without more information. Until further notice, we can presume that Alabama Barker is currently single and not in a relationship.

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