Who Is Alicia Quarles’ Husband? The Journalist Welcomes Twins

Emmy-winning journalist Alicia Quarles has entered a new chapter in her life as she welcomes motherhood for the first time. The proud first-time mom and Good Morning America contributor recently took to social media to share heartwarming pictures of her twin babies.

Quarles had been sharing snippets of her pregnancy journey on social media without disclosing that she was expecting twins. The news came as a surprise, especially considering her struggles with infertility. While she has chosen to keep the identity of her babies’ father private, Quarles is overjoyed to embark on this new chapter in her life as a first-time mother.

Let’s take a closer look at Alicia’s exciting new role as a mother and who is her husband as well as the father of her children.

Alicia Quarles Welcomes Twins

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, Alicia Quarles, a GMA3 contributor, and journalist reveal the birth of her fraternal twins, a son, and a daughter. She also shared a post of her newborn babies on her Instagram and wrote, “Welcome to the world Harlow and Hudson. You are loved beyond measure.”

Quarles underwent a caesarian section on February 16th due to her daughter’s breech position, a procedure that left her unprepared for the recovery process. However, she announced that both of the babies are “one hundred percent healthy” and are expected to be discharged from the hospital soon.

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Despite a challenging 2022, which included a public mental health crisis, the Emmy-winning journalist is now in good spirits and on the road to recovery. The journalist went through a public mental health crisis, which coincided with her pregnancy revelation.

“At 39, I decided to freeze my eggs, as I was planning to go to a sperm donor and start a family,” Alicia Quarles shared. However, a surprise romantic reunion with a longtime friend led to her natural pregnancy. “I still have 17 eggs stored, which I never used. Although I knew I wanted to have children, I was shocked when I found out it was twins!”

Who Is Alicia Quarles' Husband? The Journalist Welcomes Twins

Despite the initial surprise, Quarles soon embraced the news with open arms. “I just felt this sudden peace wash over me, and I knew that it all made sense. Despite my age, I was meant to carry these babies,” she added.

Who Is Alicia Quarles’ Husband?

Alicia Quarles was formerly married to Michael Ross.

At present, Alicia Quarles has opted to keep the identity of her current partner and the father of her children private. While she had previously revealed that she rekindled a romantic relationship with an old friend, who is also the father of her twins, she has refrained from sharing further details about their personal life.

Why Did Alicia’s Marriage to Ex-Husband Michael Ross End in Separation?

Alicia Quarles and Michael Ross first crossed paths while studying at The University of Southern California, where they were both students. The couple’s romantic relationship began during their college years

Alicia Quarles and Michael Ross, who were 27 and 25 years old, respectively, tied the knot in 2009, but the specific date of their wedding remains undisclosed. The couple had been in a relationship for five years prior to their marriage.

Why Did Alicia's Marriage to Ex-Husband Michael Ross End in Separation?

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There was a time when Alicia Quarles appeared to be happy with her husband. In one of her social media posts, Alicia Quarles recalls how her ex-husband left the room during her niece’s delivery, implying his unwillingness to provide support. Furthermore, in a video interview, Quarles opened up about the deterioration of her marriage, stating that as she worked hard, she believed that they were a team. However, their relationship eventually became toxic as resentment grew between them.

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