All You Need To Know About Roger Stone Wife

Roger Jason Stone, an American political consultant with conservative leanings, has a history rooted in campaign work, lobbying, and unfortunately, criminal convictions. His involvement in Republican political circles dates back to the 1970s, where he lent his expertise to the campaigns of notable figures such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

Recently, on 21 August 2023, on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s The Beat, additional clips of Roger Stone during the last weeks of the Trump administration were shown. In one of these clips from the upcoming documentary “A Storm Foretold,” Stone criticizes the chaotic state of the former president’s campaign and openly acknowledges Trump’s loss in the presidential election on January 6th.

The documentary has not been fully released in the US yet, but a segment was aired on MSNBC, featuring a phone conversation where Stone discusses his efforts to secure Trump’s reelection. Moving into his personal life, Roger Stone had tied the knot with Nydia Bertran. Before Nydia, Stone was married to Anne Wesche. Gaining deeper insight into the life and role of Roger Stone’s wife in this article, let’s read out this.

Who Is Roger Stone’s Wife, Nydia Stone?

Nydia Bertran Stone is recognized as the wife of Mr. Roger Stone, a prominent figure in American political consulting. The paths of Nydia and Roger Stone crossed during a political campaign for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Together, they have a child named Scott Stone. Nydia, much like her husband, has been actively involved in right-wing political circles in the United States over the past decade.

Before crossing paths with and eventually marrying Roger Stone, Nydia Bertran had previously been in a brief marriage with another individual. Concurrently, Roger Stone himself had experienced a sixteen-year-long marriage.

All You Need To Know About Roger Stone Wife

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Destiny intervened when Nydia and Roger’s lives intersected during a campaign gathering for President Reagan. Their connection ignited swiftly as they uncovered a shared tapestry of interests and values. The culmination of their deepening affection was a wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas in the year 1992. Keep reading to get further details in the upcoming paragraph.

Know About Nydia Stone

Nydia Stone, a Cuban-American photographer and former model, gained prominence as the second wife of Roger Stone. Stone, often associated with controversial headlines, has left his mark on the political landscape by contributing to the campaigns of influential Republican figures like Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump.

Sharing Nydia husband’s passion for right-wing politics, Nydia has been actively engaged in the American conservative arena for an extended period. Her involvement transcends her role as a photographer; she was notably linked to President Richard Nixon as his personal photographer and also served as a photographer during the Ronald Reagan White House era.

All You Need To Know About Roger Stone Wife

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Nydia Stone’s presence extended to the media realm as well. In 2017, she made an appearance in the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone,” which delved into her husband’s life and career. Her multifaceted journey reflects her influence within both political and media circles.

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