Amy Grant’s Husband: A Closer Look At Her Personal Life

Born on November 25, 1960, Amy Lee Grant is an American singer-songwriter and musician who initially gained prominence in contemporary Christian music (CCM) before successfully transitioning to pop music during the 1980s and 1990s. Often hailed as “The Queen of Christian Pop,” Grant has left a significant mark on both musical genres.

By 2009, Amy Lee Grant had achieved remarkable success, with over 30 million albums sold globally, six Grammy Awards, and an impressive 22 Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association. Notably, she made history with the first Christian album to attain platinum status.

Transitioning into the article, numerous individuals harbor a keen curiosity regarding Amy Grant’s romantic life, particularly her husbands. In the following sections, we will delve into an exploration of Amy Grant’s marital journey, shedding light on her relationships, divorces, and the noteworthy aspects surrounding her family, including her children.

Amy Grant’s Husband: Learn About Their Marital Status

Amy Grant entered into matrimony with fellow Christian musician Gary Chapman on June 19, 1982. Together, they were blessed with three children. However, in March 1999, Grant initiated divorce proceedings, marking a significant turn in their marital journey.

Amy Grant's Husband: A Closer Look At Her Personal Life

On March 10, 2000, Amy Lee Grant entered matrimony with country singer-songwriter Vince Gill, who had previously been married to Janis Oliver of Sweethearts of the Rodeo. The engagement was confirmed by Gill’s spokesperson in March 2000, and despite a desire for privacy, the couple tied the knot on the same day in an outdoor ceremony just outside of Nashville.

The wedding, attended by 100 guests, including the bride and groom’s children, was described as emotional, with tears flowing as the couple embraced following their vows.

Grant humorously reflected on their wedding day during a 2013 appearance on Katie Couric’s show, “Katie,” revealing that she and Vince were “the only excited ones” among their somewhat somber-looking children in the photographs. Despite the challenges, Grant emphasized the significance of time and being okay with the process.

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In a candid interview with the Tennessean, Grant disclosed that she and Gill were dating, recalling a moment when her daughter Millie asked if Gill was her boyfriend. Grant clarified that their friendship had no connection to their previous divorces, addressing the public scrutiny it faced by stating that their openness was rooted in not seeing a reason to conceal their connection.

How Many Children Does Amy Grant Have?

Amy Grant has welcomed four children throughout her two marriages. With Gary Chapman, she became a mother to her son, Matthew, in 1987, and her firstborn daughter, Gloria, arrived in 1989. The couple welcomed their second daughter, Sarah, in 1992.

Amy Grant's Husband: A Closer Look At Her Personal Life

In 2001, Amy and her second husband, Vince Gill, celebrated the arrival of their third daughter, Corrina. Corrina left for college in 2019, prompting Amy to share her experience of having an empty nest. She expressed her joy at being able to embrace life without a rigid work agenda, planning to travel coast to coast in her Airstream Bambi trailer and celebrate the gift of life.

Millie, also known as Gloria, got married in April 2019 and welcomed her first child, daughter Penelope, in January 2022. Amy reflected on the passage of time, marveling at how the same girl who inspired the lyrics to “Baby Baby” had grown into a beautiful married woman, bringing joy and reasons to celebrate.

The year 2019 marked significant milestones for Amy, with her youngest daughter leaving for college, her oldest daughter getting married, and her middle daughter, Sarah, tying the knot as well.

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Amy shared her thoughts on Sarah’s wedding, where her daughter walked down the aisle accompanied by both her father, Gary Chapman, and her stepfather, Vince Gill. Reflecting on the varied aspects of life, Amy expressed that it indeed takes on many forms.

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