Who Is Ana Navarro’s Husband? Inside Their Relationship

Ana Violeta Navarro-Cárdenas is a Nicaraguan-American political strategist and commentator. She has been on CNN en Espaol, ABC News, Telemundo, and other news programs and channels. Ana also co-hosts the daytime talk show The View, for which she has been nominated for an Emmy Award. She is a Republican Party member.

In February 2014, ABC News hired her to talk about politics. She also says things about politics on CNN and CNN en Espaol. From July 2013 to August 2018, Navarro was a guest on the ABC daytime talk show The View. She became a co-host of the show as a weekly guest on November 2, 2018. On August 4, 2022, she was made a permanent co-host of The View. She was nominated for the Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host award at the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2020 and 2022.

By the looks of her private life, she is a married lady. Al Cardenas was her longtime beau, and the two tied the knot in 2019. Below, we’ll discuss their relationship together in great depth.

Know About Ana Navarro And Al Cárdena’s Marriage

Navarro is married to Al Cárdenas. They have known each other since the 1990s, when Navarro was a “snot-nosed activist” fighting for Nicaraguans during the Sandinista revolution and Cárdenas was a “well-known and successful lawyer.”

Who Is Ana Navarro's Husband? Inside Their Relationship

Nearly 30 years later, Navarro and Cárdenas got married at a beautiful waterfront ceremony in Miami Beach. Attendees included actress Eva Longoria, singer Gloria Estefan, Navarro’s co-anchors on The View, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, and senators Mitt Romney and Bob Menendez. But in 2008, Navarro was the Hispanic chair for John McCain’s presidential campaign, and Cárdenas was Romney’s Florida chairman.

Navarro says, “We were at war.” “There were some pretty heated TV arguments between us. I always took advantage of Al because he was so gentlemanly and never hit back like I did.

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Meet Ana Navarro’s Husband, Al Cárdena

Alberto Remigio Cárdenas is an American lawyer, politician, and conservative activist who was born in Cuba on January 3, 1948. He is a partner at the law firm Squire Patton Boggs and in the Advocacy Group at Cardenas Partners. The Hill newspaper says that he is one of the best lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Cardenas was a member of Florida A&M University’s Board of Trustees.

Who Is Ana Navarro's Husband? Inside Their Relationship

He was born in the Cuban city of Havana. He went to high school at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He got his associate’s degree from Miami Dade Community College, his bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, and his Juris Doctor from Seton Hall University. He used to be a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Florida Atlantic University.

Cardenas has always been involved with the Republican Party. At the start of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, he was in charge of making changes to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In 1983, he became the first U.S. ambassador to St. Kitts and Nevis. Reagan and George H. W. Bush chose him to be on the board of the Federal National Mortgage Association from 1985 to 1990.

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Does Ana Navarro Have Kids?

Ana Navarro, who is a co-host on “The View,” does not have kids yet. She told the truth about her struggles with in vitro fertilization in November 2022. Navarro, who is 50 years old, said on an ABC talk show that she and Al Cárdenas, the man she married in March 2019, tried the procedure, but it didn’t work.  She said, “By the time I tried, it was too late.”

Who Is Ana Navarro's Husband? Inside Their Relationship

“Al and I tried IVF,” the TV hostess said, adding that she often tells women to freeze their eggs.  “I always tell career women who are trying to get into that space, ‘Look, if you can afford it—and that’s a big if—if you can afford it, you should freeze your eggs,'” she said.  “Because it gives you a variety of choices.”

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