Angela Rose Home Getting A Divorce – Rumors Debunked!

Angela Rose is a fearless do-it-yourselfer. She loves tools and the lumber aisle and has one of the most enviable DIY Instagram profiles. Angela’s approach to designing and building homes is so innovative that she is known for her unique accent walls.

Is Angela Rose Getting Divorce From Husband Mike?

There are numerous rumors floating around the internet that Angela Rose has divorced from her husband, but she has not spoken on the matter.

The marriage between Mike Home and Angela Rose Home lasted for a very long period. They gave off the impression of being content in their relationship. Recent rumors have circulated suggesting that the two may end their relationship.

Angela Rose Home Getting Divorce - Rumors Debunked!

On Angela’s Instagram page, you can still view the photos that she has posted of her husband. It is possible that there is no truth to the rumors that they had broken up. According to heraccount, Mike hasn’t been seen for quite some time now.

Mike was last seen on Angela’s Instagram on March 10, 2021, when they were celebrating the social media sensation who had gained 1 million followers. At the time, Mike was on Angela’s account.

The couple has kept their romance under wraps and has done their best to escape the attention of the media. Angela primarily posts pictures and videos relating to home design and power tools on her Instagram account, which is @angelarosehome.

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Do They Have Children?

Angela Rose Home, the most cutting-edge interior designer, is also a mother of three kids.

Angela gave birth to three children: two boys of older age and a daughter of younger age. Due to the fact that both of her sons fall somewhere on the autistic spectrum, she uses her various social media platforms to bring attention to this issue.

Angela Rose Home Getting Divorce - Rumors Debunked!

Finding a happy medium between a mother’s professional life and her family life can be challenging. Rose has done a wonderful job of balancing her professional life and the demands of her family life.

How Did Angela Started her DIY Career?

In an interview, Angela said, A year ago, I was hanging out with several friends and we were all pinning and chatting about the things they wanted in their houses. Instead of just pinning, I wanted to create an account that started DOING.

Every do-it-yourself project starts off with a lot of wacky ideas and a lot of brainstorming. When I first start a new project, I often feel a little overwhelmed, but now that I’m used to the chaos, I actually really enjoy it! My accent walls are my favorite projects that I’ve worked on, Angela continued.

Other people’s Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards are a major source of creativity for me. In my opinion, a person should only fill their home with things that he or she treasures.

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Angela enthusiasm and candor encourage others to buy their own houses and make them into the homes of their dreams. She has been featured on, Real Simple, Dwell Magazine’s Top 10 Home Reno Accounts, Apartment Therapy’s Top Room Reno, Modern Texas Living Magazine, and other publications for her work.

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