Meet Anisha Ramakrishna Husband: She Secretly Got Married To Dr. Anand Tarpara

Anisha Ramakrishna, the 38-year-old star of Bravo’s Family Karma, has finally revealed that she and Dr. Anand Tarpara, 36, got married on Oct. 8 at her parents’ home in Miami in front of 20 guests.

After keeping the wedding a secret for months, Anisha shared that they chose the date because it’s an auspicious day in their Indian culture, representing the start of the year and all good things in Hinduism. Instead of planning a big wedding and postponing it for another year, the couple decided to prioritize their marriage, especially since they’re older and believe that it’s the marriage that matters most.

Anisha Ramakrishna had been keeping her husband’s identity under wraps for a significant amount of time. However, she has now disclosed the name and identity of her spouse, who is said to be two years younger than her. While she keeps her personal life private, fans are eager to learn more about her marriage including her husband and their relationship. Read on to know everything in detail.

How Did Anisha Ramakrishna and Anand Tarpara Love Story Begin?

Anisha Ramakrishna and Anand Tarpara’s love story began in the winter of 2021 when they connected online while she was residing in New York and he was in Philadelphia. For their first date, they explored Manhattan, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and enjoyed Thai food before wrapping up the night with pizza from East Village Pizza, which has since become a special spot for the couple.

Meet Anisha Ramakrishna Husband: She Secretly Got Married To Dr. Anand Tarpara

After eight months of dating and living together, their busy work schedules prompted them to plan their engagement for April 2022. Despite meticulously planning the proposal, it didn’t quite unfold as the host of the Currently Cringing podcast had envisioned.

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“I wanted him to propose at East Village Pizza which is where we had our first date. He ended up proposing on a friend’s rooftop, and I was livid. Right after, I went to East Village Pizza.” After Tarpara proposed, they started planning their wedding right away.

Who Is Anisha Ramakrishna Husband, Anand Tarpara?

Anisha Ramakrishna is married to Dr. Anand Tarpara. The couple tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida on October 8, 2022. Dr. Tarpara is a board-certified vascular and general surgeon who currently works as a full-time vascular surgeon at Honor Health in Scottsdale, Arizona. His fluency in both English and Gujarati is noted on Honor Health’s official website.

Meet Anisha Ramakrishna Husband: She Secretly Got Married To Dr. Anand Tarpara

According to his LinkedIn profile, prior to joining Honor Health, he worked for two years as a vascular surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Dr. Tarpara obtained his postgraduate degree in medicine from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

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Do Anisha And Anand Want To Start A Family?

Anisha Ramakrishna and Anand Tarpara are currently basking in the joys of married life, while simultaneously making plans for a big celebration this spring and contemplating starting a family within the next couple of years.

Meet Anisha Ramakrishna Husband: She Secretly Got Married To Dr. Anand Tarpara

According to People, Ramakrishna shares that they’re flexible about having children, and while she has frozen her eggs, she admits that she’s not quite ready to start a family yet. The couple is looking forward to spending time together, traveling, and enjoying each other’s company, and if they do decide to have a child, it wouldn’t be until 2024 or later.

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