Anna Nordqvist Husband Kevin McAlpine Dies At The Age Of 39

Anna Maria Nordqvist, a professional golfer from Sweden, competes in both the U.S.-centered LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour. She boasts a remarkable record of three major championship victories, including the 2009 LPGA Championship, the 2017 Evian Championship, and the 2021 Women’s British Open.

Kevin McAlpine, who previously served as the caddie for professional golfer Lexi Thompson and was also the former husband of Anna Nordqvist, passed away suddenly at the age of 39 in the United States.

In this post, we’ll give you all the information about Anna Nordqvist’s ex-husband Kevin, and also about his death.

Inside Anna Nordqvist And Kevin McAlpine’s Relationship

Kevin was once married to Anna Nordqvist, a highly accomplished LPGA golfer who had won three Major championships. Their paths first crossed in 2017 when Kevin worked as a caddy for Lexi Thompson during the LPGA Tour.

Anna Nordqvist Husband Kevin McAlpine Dies At The Age Of 39

Their connection blossomed quickly, leading to an engagement that lasted several years. In 2022, they celebrated their union with a countryside wedding. Unfortunately, the happiness did not last, as they made the tough decision to part ways in 2023. By August of that year, they were in the process of getting a divorce.

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Kevin McAlpine, Anna Nordqvist Husband Dies At 39

In an interview with The Courier, Hamish McAlpine, the father of Kevin McAlpine, expressed his disbelief over his son’s passing, revealing that Kevin had been grappling with health issues.

Hamish’s remarks were also featured in Golf Digest, where he was quoted as saying, “We can confirm that Kevin has passed away in America. We are completely in the dark about what has happened. It is true that he has been unwell but we believed he was on the mend.”

“There is to be an autopsy and at the moment there is very little we can say. We really don’t want to talk about this at this stage. As a family, we are completely devastated. You can imagine how we are feeling,” Hamsish continued.”

All You Need To Know About Kevin McAlpine

Kevin McAlpine had a background in golf, beginning with his amateur career at Colorado State University. In 2006, he achieved success by winning the Scottish Amateur championship.

However, Kevin’s dreams of a prosperous professional golf career were dashed when he suffered a debilitating anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury shortly before turning pro. Although he made a comeback in 2010, he couldn’t establish himself as a successful professional golfer.

Anna Nordqvist Husband Kevin McAlpine Dies At The Age Of 39

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Following this setback, Kevin decided to pivot his career and took up the role of a caddy for renowned LPGA Tour player Lexi Thompson in 2017. His partnership with Thompson lasted for 18 months before they went their separate ways. Kevin also worked as a caddy for Amy Yang and PGA Tour winner Martin Laird.

The McAlpine family had a strong sporting lineage. Kevin’s father, Hamish McAlpine, enjoyed a successful career as a Scottish soccer player, serving as a goalkeeper for Dundee United for nearly two decades. It was Hamish who introduced Kevin to golf, as he was an avid golfer and even held the position of captain at Alyth Golf Club in 2010.

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