Who Is Antonia Gentry’s Boyfriend? Relationship Rumors With Michael Debi

Antonia Gentry is a young star on Netflix who has a lot of potential. You may know her from the show Ginny & Georgia, but her career is just getting started. Antonia Gentry has played Jasmine in the Netflix movie Candy Jar. She has also been in Ginny & Georgia and Raising Dion. She has also been in several short films and the movie Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street. She is going to be in the Netflix horror movie Time Cut with Madison Bailey, who is in Outer Banks.

Antonia is a child of two different races. Her mother is black and from Jamaica, and her father is white. She was born and raised in Atlanta, and she went to school in the neighborhood where she lived. Antonia has been interested in acting since she was a child. She began acting when she was 5 years old. She was an enthusiastic child from the start, and she got her start in acting when her mother wrote a play for the community theater where they lived.

When it comes to her personal life, she doesn’t talk much about it. This article tells you everything you need to know about her dating life. Continue reading.

Who Is Antonia Gentry’s Boyfriend?

By looking at Antonia’s Instagram, it looks like she is currently dating Michael Debi. Antonia and Michael’s social media accounts are full of romantic pictures of the two of them. However, they never confirm their relationship in public.

On the other hand, due to how popular Ginny & Georgia is, a lot of fans have tried to ship Antonia and her onscreen love interest in real life, but they’re just friends. In fact, Felix has been linked to his former co-star on Neighbours, Zoe Cramond, in a romantic way.

Who Is Antonia Gentry's Boyfriend? Relationship Rumors With Michael Debi

Antonia doesn’t talk about her personal life, but the young actress knows how important it is to show realistic teen romance on TV. “It was weird when I was in high school. I felt vulnerable. I was able to tap into that same kind of shame and uncertainty that I know a lot of teenagers will understand. Antonia told Refinery29 in February 2021, “I hope they feel more seen and less worried about the whole thing, especially young girls.”

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Know About Antonia Gentry’s Ex-Boyfriend

Antonia Gentry was 16 when she first started seeing her boyfriend, Ezra Pounds. It’s been almost eight years since they first started dating. There’s also a chance that the chemistry that brought them together in the first place has gone away, making them think that the relationship is over. They also deleted the photos from their social media accounts.

Who Is Antonia Gentry's Boyfriend? Relationship Rumors With Michael Debi

Ezra Pounds is an American who makes music and writes music. He and his musical partner have put up a few songs on Spotify. Ezra is in a lot of musical groups, like the Atlanta Space Quartet and Pull Up. He also teaches music at the Atlanta School of Musical Arts.

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The musician also went to school at the John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, and he went to Georgia State University to learn more. He went on to get a BM in Musical Technology from Georgia State University. His songs H Plus, Seven and Up, and The Neck of Woods are well-known.

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