Meet Aoki Lee Simmons’ Boyfriend As She Faces Backlash For Interracial Relationship

Aoki Lee Simmons has gained a significant following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok due to her down-to-earth, relatable, and informative content. She regularly shares various aspects of her personal life, including her modeling jobs, and academic pursuits at Harvard University. Aoki is the youngest daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons.

Currently, she is standing up to online criticism of her relationship with a white partner and pushing back against her critics. Some commenters questioned Aoki’s dating preferences and whether she had ever dated someone of her own race. The negative comments increased after Aoki shared a Valentine’s Day post, prompting her to reduce her social media presence.

Her openness and authenticity have earned her a loyal fan base. Therefore, the sudden negative comments and backlash over her interracial relationship came as a surprise to her. However, she is letting them know that she is not taking their negativity lying down.

Aoki Lee Simmons Faces Backlash After Revealing Her Boyfriend on Instagram

On Valentine’s Day, Aoki Lee Simmons posted a photo on social media showing her sitting on a man’s lap while posing next to a beautiful harp. She did not tag her boyfriend but used a heart emoji as the caption for the post.

Meet Aoki Lee Simmons' Boyfriend As She Faces Backlash For Interracial Relationship

Although Aoki Lee Simmons had been in a relationship with her current partner for more than a year, she had only shared pictures of his feet on social media until the Valentine’s Day post. This was the first time that anyone had seen his face or skin color.

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Aoki Lee Simmons’ social media post sparked a range of reactions from people. While some expressed happiness for her, others criticized her for being in a relationship with a white man. Some commenters also speculated that her partner may be significantly older than her, which contributed to their negative reactions.

Lee Simmons Replied To Her Fans After She Was Criticized

In response to the racially charged comments and personal attacks directed towards her boyfriend, Aoki Lee Simmons wrote a message expressing her dismay.

She expressed that it was terrible for any young person to experience this kind of negativity over a simple social media post. Aoki also acknowledged that she was unaware of the extent of the negative comments because most of the comments on her page were positive. However, she realized that people outside her page could be extremely bitter and racist towards her and her partner, despite having done nothing to harm them.

Meet Aoki Lee Simmons' Boyfriend As She Faces Backlash For Interracial Relationship

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This experience has made her rethink how and whether she should use her social media platform. As an open person, Aoki is disappointed that she may need to hold back to protect the people she cares about from such negative and hurtful comments.

She continued, “I understand the public figure/you knew it was going to happen ec… argument. Sure I guess I knew the world was stuck in 1950 and would have some recessive & to say about something as simple as an interracial relationship……. Like that’s truly sad, especially from people of color, but it was expected.”

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