Are Nikki And Pauly D Still Together? Latest Relationship Update

Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr., popularly known as Pauly D and DJ Pauly D, is an American television personality and disc jockey. He gained widespread recognition for his role as a cast member on the MTV reality series “Jersey Shore.” In 2011, Pauly D signed a significant three-album contract with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records and G-Note Records.

During the Season 4 premiere episodes in June 2021, Pauly orchestrated a fake proposal to Nikki, Paul’s girlfriend. In the sixth season of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” fans noticed the absence of Nikki Hall, sparking questions about the status of her relationship with Pauly D.

When Pauly D reunited with his roommates for the spinoff show in 2018, he remained unattached. However, as the show progressed, his girlfriend began making appearances, which fueled speculation about a potential breakup when she didn’t appear in season 6. In this article, we will delve into the current status of their relationship and explore whether Pauly D and Nikki Hall are still together. Join us as we uncover the latest updates about this couple.

Pauly D’s Relationship Status With Nikki On ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Update

Pauly DelVecchio, known as Pauly D, addressed his relationship status with girlfriend Nikki Hall on an episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” The conversation took place as returning cast member Sammi Giancola caught up with the roommates about their lives outside the cameras. Nikki, whom Pauly met on MTV’s “Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny,” has made appearances on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” but was absent last season.

Are Nikki And Pauly D Still Together? Latest Relationship Updates

When Sammi asked Pauly about his future with Nikki after three years together, he admitted feeling the pressure of marriage and kids. He mentioned they were focused on enjoying the present and going with the flow. Although a faux proposal by Pauly to Nikki was featured on the Season 4 opening episodes in June 2021, the couple, who reside together in Las Vegas, has been together for three years. Pauly, at 43, has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Sammi, who is in a relationship with Justin May, a former bouncer at the now-closed Karma nightclub in Seaside Heights, shared a bit about her partner’s appearance, drawing comparisons to cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who is Sammi’s ex. The episode also touched on the warm reception Sammi received upon her return to the show, in contrast to Angelina Pivarnick’s less-than-warm welcome in 2018.

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The roommates also discussed aliens, with some believing they are in the ocean and others suggesting they exist in our minds. Inspired by their alien musings, Pauly D planned an alien prank at the Hawkview Retreat in the Poconos, where the cast was staying. Sammi noted that despite the passage of time, the cast’s faces remained remarkably unchanged, with minor tweaks enhancing their appearance. Keep reading for more.

Nikki Hall’s Age Gap With Pauly D Revealed As She Celebrated 31st Birthday

Is Nikki Hall missing from “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” and what’s up with her and Pauly D? Nikki, aged 30, with a birthday on April 14, 1992, has an age gap of nearly 12 years with 42-year-old Pauly D. Despite this, they’re happily together. Originally from Jamaica, Nikki became a reality TV personality and influencer in the US, boasting 589k Instagram followers. She’s also the CEO of BairBikini, a soon-to-launch clothing brand with over 4k followers on Instagram.

Are Nikki And Pauly D Still Together? Latest Relationship Updates

Pauly and Nikki, despite rumors, are still a couple, having met on “Double Shot at Love” and rekindled their romance since October 2020. While Nikki isn’t featured in “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” promotions, they continue to support each other. In short, Nikki’s relationship with Pauly remains strong, despite her absence from the show.

Nikki Hall’s Sweet Relationship With Pauly D’s Daughter

During the premiere of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” season 6 in August 2023, Pauly DelVecchio revealed a significant development in his relationship with Nikki Hall. He shared with PEOPLE that he had reached a major milestone by introducing Nikki to his daughter, Amabella. Pauly expressed his happiness over this milestone, emphasizing that both Nikki and Amabella had a positive first meeting and developed a fondness for each other.

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Pauly mentioned that while they were initially nervous, he reassured them and highlighted the similarities between them, describing Amabella as a “mini-me.” He also mentioned that Nikki and Amabella have since been FaceTiming frequently. In summary, Pauly D was thrilled to announce that Nikki had met his daughter, and their initial meeting went well, with the two now having a strong connection.

Pauly D’s Alleged Announcement Of Angelina’s Engagement

Rumors surrounding Angelina’s engagement took an interesting turn in early November 2022, when she attended one of DJ Pauly D’s shows, which was being filmed for “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” season 6. In early November, during a DJ Pauly D show filmed for “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” season 6, Pauly allegedly revealed to the audience that Angelina was newly engaged. A leaked video supported this claim, showing Angelina on stage hugging an unknown man as Pauly made the announcement.

Are Nikki And Pauly D Still Together? Latest Relationship Updates

While some fans were unsure if it was a joke, some photos have led many to believe it’s genuine. This development comes not long after Angelina’s divorce from Chris. Her journey on the show has been marked by significant drama, and while some fans are surprised by the engagement news, others are concerned about her choices. Angelina has yet to comment on these rumors.

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