Who Is Beabadoobee’s Boyfriend? Did Beabadoobee And Soren Breakup?

Beatrice Laus is her real name, but her friends call her “Bea,” and her fans call her “Beabadoobee.” It’s a strange name, and it takes a few tries to say it right, but once you do, it’s easy to say. What was once the singer-Finstagram songwriter’s handle is now his or her stage name.

Beabadoobee was born in the Philippines, but she grew up in London. She has spent most of the past year there, writing songs and drawing on the walls of her old bedroom.

Under the independent label Dirty Hit, she put out five extended plays: Lice (2018), Patched Up (2018), Loveworm (2019), Space Cadet (2019), and Our Extended Play (2019).  Fake It Flowers, her first studio album, came out in October 2020 and was well received by critics. Beatopia, her second studio album, came out on July 15, 2022.

At a very young age, she has achieved a lot. Aside from her achievements, we’re here to talk about Beabadoobee’s personal life.

Who Is Beabadoobee’s Boyfriend?

It looks like Beabadoobee AKA Beatrice Laus is single right now. She just had a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Soren Harrison.

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Did Beabadoobee And Soren Breakup?

Yes, Beabadoobee and her boyfriend, Soren had a breakup approx. 4 months ago. After her breakup, she had an interview with Variety, Her most recent was the not-so-glamorous first heartbreak. Even though she admits it hasn’t been easy, her recent breakup with her boyfriend of several years has helped her come to terms with the situation.

Who Is Beabadoobee's Boyfriend? Did Beabadoobee And Soren Breakup?

She said, “I feel like [after a breakup] you appreciate things so much more and you learn a lot about what you like in someone and what you didn’t like in someone and what you didn’t like in yourself and how you acted,” she says. In the last few weeks, her TikTok comments have flooded with questions about romance and initial panic over the potential loss of Bea Kristi love songs — but fans needn’t worry, she’s already “written a few love songs and a few breakup songs.”

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“It’s definitely a bittersweet process, and it’s crazy because I can listen to a track like “See You Soon” or some other songs on “Beatopia” that were written about totally different things and relate them to the situation I’m in now,” she says.

Who Is Beabadoobee's Boyfriend? Did Beabadoobee And Soren Breakup?

Know About Beabadoobee’s Net Worth

Beabadoobee‘s successful music career is likely to have given her a net worth of $1 million by 2022. Bandmates of The 1975. Beabadoobee helped them out on different parts of their Music for Cars Tour, and American singer Clairo did the same on her Immunity Tour.

She was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards and won the Radar Award at the 2020 NME Awards. The BBC’s Sound of 2020 survey, which polls music experts every year, said that Beabadoobee would be a big star in 2020.

Who Is Beabadoobee's Boyfriend? Did Beabadoobee And Soren Breakup?

The 1975’s Matty Healy and George Daniel wrote and produced the song “Last Day On Earth,” which was released by Beabadoobee on March 24. The performer said that the song was from her EP Our Extended Play and that she wrote it with her labelmates “out in the country.” Her second album, Beatopia, was released on March 23, 2022. On July 15, 2022, it was made available through Dirty Hit.

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