Ben Kissel Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship? What Happened To Him?

Ben Kissel is a well-known personality within the podcasting community, particularly famous for his role as one of the hosts of ‘The Last Podcast on the Left.’ Collaborating with fellow hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, Ben has cultivated a substantial and devoted audience by delivering captivating and often comical dialogues on a wide range of subjects, including true crime, horror, and the paranormal.

Recently, Podcast host Ben Kissel’s sudden hiatus, announced by co-hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, aims to prioritize his mental and physical health, receiving widespread fan support. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind his hiatus and also investigate whether he is currently in a relationship.

Meet Taylor, Ben Kissel’s Girlfriend

Ben Kissel’s girlfriend Taylor remains a mystery, as there is limited information available about her in the public domain. It appears that Ben Kissel places a high value on his privacy, particularly concerning his personal life and relationships. However, it’s worth noting that Moon and Kissel have reportedly broken up. Consequently, there are no specific details or updates about his ex-girlfriend, Taylor, as of the information available.

Ben Kissel Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship? What Happened To Him?

Based on the information available, there is no widely recognized information indicating that Ben Kissel is married. Also, there is no concrete evidence confirming any marriage. Ben Kissel has generally kept his personal life, including details about his marital status, out of the public eye, indicating his inclination toward privacy in this regard.

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Ben Kissel’s Current Situation: An Update

Ben Kissel’s recent absence from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ has sparked curiosity among fans and listeners, prompting questions about the reasons behind his hiatus. Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, co-hosts of the podcast, have officially confirmed his break, citing a prioritization of his mental and physical well-being.

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While the official statement emphasizes the importance of self-care, there have been unverified allegations circulating about his past conduct in a relationship, adding complexity to the situation. Currently, the exact motivations for Ben Kissel’s break are rooted in his personal health, and any potential controversies remain as unverified rumors. Fans have been supportive of his decision to focus on his mental health, highlighting the strong bond he shares with his audience.

Girlfriend, Taylor Moon’s Allegations Against Ben Kissel And His Departure From Podcast

Internet personality Ben Kissel has left Last Podcast on the Left amid domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Moon. Moon took to social media to claim that she was physically abused by Kissel, leading to his departure from the popular podcast. The allegations came to light after Moon detailed her experience on YouTube, stating that this was not an isolated incident and that Kissel would often speak ill of her when intoxicated.

Ben Kissel Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship? What Happened To Him?

Killing Theodore host Celene Beth Olsen also alleged an uncomfortable encounter with Kissel in 2019 and expressed concerns about his behavior dating back to 2014. In response to these allegations, Last Podcast on the Left announced Kissel’s exit from the show, explaining that he would be taking a break to focus on his mental and physical health and undergo treatment. While they indicated he might return to the podcast in the future, Kissel has also taken a break from social media.

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