Bert Kreischers Divorce: Is The Comedian Splitting With His Wife LeeAnn?

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, reality TV host, and actor who is known as “The Machine.” While he was a student at Florida State University in 1997, he was featured in an article in Rolling Stone. Kreischer was called  “the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country.” by the magazine.

He makes and hosts the weekly comedy podcast Bertcast, which is part of the All Things Comedy network. He is also one of the hosts of the podcasts 2 Bears, 1 Cave with comedian Tom Segura and Bill Bert with actor and comedian Bill Burr.

Bert Kreischer is loved by millions of people on Instagram, where he consistently uploads about his funny videos and also regarding his outings with the family and friends.

Bert Kreischers Divorce: Is The Comedian Splitting With His Wife LeeAnn?

Now the news is spreading around the internet that Bert is getting a divorce. Let’s find out if the news is true and if the speculations have any truth to them.

Are Bert Kreischer And His Wife LeeAnn Really Getting A divorce?

Bert Kreischer is happily married to his beautiful wife, LeeAnn, who is from Georgia originally. They dated for a few months before getting married in December 2003 in the presence of a small group of family members. They are still together, and they haven’t filed for a divorce. The couple have two daughters, Georgia and Ila.

She often appears in his projects and joins him in interviews and podcasts, as the both are very funny. The four members of the happy family live in Los Angeles, California. In podcasts and interviews, the couple also often talks about their families. They seem to get along well and enjoy being with each other.

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Bret has written on his Instagram bio: I am a Party Animal, Comedian, Actor, Host, Fast Eater, Husband, Dad…I am the Machine. Hence, it’s clearly evident from Bret’s Instagram that he still have all the pictures of him with his wife and bio also highlights him as a husband. Maybe the murmurs that the couple is about to getting a divorce are untrue after all. 

Bert Kreischer’s Wife Talks About Her Family In “Wife Of The Party Podcast

LeeAnn Kreischer, who is married to Bert Kreischer, has a really good podcast that has helped people understand how their family works.

Bert and his wife LeeAnn talked about their family life on an episode of the “Wife Of The Party Podcast.” It was a great chance for fans to know and understand more about them. The fact that Ila and Georgia, Bert and LeeAnn’s kids, were also on it shows how close they all are. The connection between them is clear in this podcast episode. They have a genuine bond and really enjoy spending time together.

Bert Kreischers Divorce: Is The Comedian Splitting With His Wife LeeAnn?

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What Is Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth?

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, podcaster, and host of a reality TV show. Bert Kreischer has a $3 million net worth. Kreischer is known for doing stand-up comedy shirtless. He has been in the comedy specials “Comfortably Dumb”, “The Machine” , “Secret Time”, and “Hey, Big Boy”. Bert started the podcast “Bertcast” in 2012. He also co-hosts “Bill and Bert” with Bill Burr and “2 Bears 1 Cave” with two other bears (with Tom Segura).

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