Know About Beth Mowins’ Husband, Alan Arrollado

Elizabeth Mowins is an American sports announcer and journalist known for her work with ESPN, CBS, and the Marquee Sports Network. She specializes in broadcasting women’s college sports and achieved a significant milestone in 2005 when she became the second woman to provide play-by-play commentary for nationally televised college football games on ESPN.

Shifting our focus to the personal aspect of Beth Mowins’ life, it’s noteworthy that she has entered into matrimony twice, with her most recent marriage taking place in 2019 when she wed Alan Arrollado. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive exploration of her current husband, delving into his background, career, and their life together.

Sports Announcer Beth Mowins’ Married Life Explored

In 2019, Beth Mowins entered a new chapter in her life by marrying Alan Arrollado, a San Diego Fire Rescue battalion chief. This momentous occasion occurred when she was 52 years old, bringing immense joy to the 55-year-old American sports correspondent. Their wedding took place in the picturesque seaside village of La Jolla, California, in July 2019.

A lovely photo from the event was shared on social media by fellow journalist Holly Rowe, who captured the couple surrounded by friends, including sports personalities like Allison Williams, Maria Taylor, and Amanda Scarborough.

Need To Know About Beth Mowins' Husband, Alan Arrollado

Despite Beth and Alan’s public professions, they have been discreet about sharing personal information or details about their relationship. They now reside in San Diego, California, along with Alan’s son from a previous relationship, with Beth serving as his stepmother.

The couple’s journey to marriage began with several years of dating, with their first public appearance together dating back to 2015 when they attended the Marty Glickman Award alongside Marcus Hayes and Josh Barnett. Keep reading for more.

Meet Alan Arrollado: Beth Mowins’ Husband And SDFD Battalion Chief

Beth Mowins’ husband, Alan Arrollado, has dedicated an impressive three decades to serving as a Battalion Chief for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD). Throughout his extensive career, he has been instrumental in providing fire protection, ensuring safety, and delivering essential emergency medical services to the residents of San Diego, California, in the United States.

In November 2018, a significant milestone marked his 30 years of service within the SDFD. Chief Stowell, in recognition of this remarkable achievement, personally pinned a badge on him during a special ceremony.

Need To Know About Beth Mowins' Husband, Alan Arrollado

Alan shared this proud moment on his Facebook page, expressing his enduring passion for his job and how he has grown to appreciate its blessings even more over the years. Besides his duties as a Battalion Chief, Alan actively engages with the public and the firefighting community.

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He frequently tweets live updates from firefighting and rescue operations, offering insights into the situations at hand and guiding people to safety. Additionally, he is an advocate for the rights and well-being of firefighters.

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