Know About Bobby Hull’s Wife As The Hockey Player Dies At 84

Bobby Hull, who was in the Hockey Hall of Fame and won the Stanley Cup, died on Monday. He was 84 years old. “The Chicago Blackhawks are saddened by the death of Blackhawks legend Bobby Hull, who was a superstar for our team from 1957 to 1972,” the Blackhawks said in a statement.

Two of Hull’s three wives said that he was mean to them. In one case, he is said to have attacked a police officer who came to his house after getting a call about one of these domestic abuses. His ex-wife, Joanne, said that Hull hit her with a shoe with a steel heel while they were in Hawaii. Hull once told a newspaper in Moscow that he agreed with the Nazis. Then, he said that he never said those things and threatened to sue the Moscow Times and the Toronto Sun for printing them. There was never a decision on the lawsuits. In any case, let’s discuss his personal life. Read on to know everything about his wife and his children.

Bobby Hull Had Three Marriages: Two of Them Accused Him Of Domestic Violence

Hull got married to Joanne McKay first. But after some domestic violence, they split up in 1980. There is not much information about his first wife. But this is clear that they split up because of the domestic violence. After his divorce in the 1980s, the actor was in a relationship with Claudia Allen, but they never got married. Jessica, Hull’s youngest daughter, was born to her in July 1981.

Know About Bobby Hull's Wife As The Hockey Player Dies At 84

Deborah was the name of Bobby Hull‘s second wife. She was said to be called Bobby Hull’s third wife by the public because the actor was in love with Claudia Allen in the 1980s. Allen was hurt in a bad car accident, so Hull quit the Hartford Whalers to take care of her. But they never got married.

In 1984, Deborah and Bobby got married. But the famous couple didn’t start having problems with their marriage until they had been together for two years. In 1986, he was arrested and charged with assault and battery after he allegedly hit his wife, Deborah, during a fight. In the end, she didn’t press charges.

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Know About Boby Hull’s Children

Boby has a total of six children. He has one daughter, Jessica with Claudia and his second wife, Joanne, Hull has five children: Bobby Jr., Blake, Brett, Bart, and Michelle. 

Brett Hull, also known as “Golden Brett,” was a famous hockey player who scored 741 goals in the NHL (currently the fifth-highest goal total in NHL history). Bobby and Brett are the only father-and-son team in NHL history to each score more than 50 goals in a season and more than 600 goals in NHL play. Brett wore his father’s retired number 9 for the last five games of his career with the Phoenix Coyotes in 2005.

Know About Bobby Hull's Wife As The Hockey Player Dies At 84

Blake and Bobby Jr. both played hockey at both the junior and senior levels. In 1980, Bobby Jr. and the Cornwall Royals won the Memorial Cup. Later, the brothers played for the OHA Senior A Hockey League team Brantford Mott’s Clamato, which won the Allan Cup in 1987.

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Michelle, Hull’s daughter, was a good figure skater. At the age of 11, she won the British Columbia Pre-Novice Championship. She quit figure skating after hurting her knees a lot and is now a lawyer who is licensed in two states.  She helps abused women because she saw how her father treated her mother, Joanne McKay.

Jessica, Bobby’s oldest daughter, got her degree in elementary education from Benedictine College and now lives in Minnesota.

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