Who Is Brandi Carlile’s Wife? Relationship Details With Catherine Shepherd

Almost 14 months after her last appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Brandi Carlile returned for the episode hosted by Steve Martin and Martin Short. Saturday night (Dec. 10) Brandi Carlile performed as the musical guest. She performed two of her most well-known songs: “You and Me on the Rock,” which was nominated for a Grammy, and “The Story,” which has become a fan favorite since its initial release in 2007.

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile may be best known for her critically acclaimed albums, her many awards, her all-female country supergroup The Highwomen, and perhaps most of all, her electrifying performance of her signature song “The Joke” at the 2019 Grammys, which shot her star status through the roof. But more than her fame and success, Carlile seems to be most proud of the family she is building with her wife Catherine Shepherd. The singer has been married to Catherine Shepherd for almost ten years. Find out all about the beautiful British woman who made Brandi fall in love with her here!

Meet Brandi Carlie’ Wife Catherine Shepherd

Shepherd was born on September 16, 1975. She grew up in Hammersmith, London, and went to James Allen’s Girls’ School. Shepherd is the daughter of well-known British actor Jack Shepherd, who has been acting on stage and screen since the early 1960s. Even though she now works full-time as a charity worker, she still acts in movies like Paddington (2014) and Paddington 2 (2017).

Who Is Brandi Carlile's Wife? Relationship Details With Catherine Shepherd

Shepherd is also good behind the camera. She wrote for Apple TV+’s The Shrink Next Door and wrote and directed a short film called See Me in 2011 that starred Olivia Colman, who would go on to win an Oscar.

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How Catherine And Brandi Met?

Shepherd and Carlile first talked on the phone when Shepherd was working for MPL Communications Ltd. as a coordinator for McCartney’s charity work. Carlile had asked John Lennon’s foundation to donate items for a charity event she was holding called Fight The Fear. “We talked for about a year on the phone, and the whole time I thought I was talking to someone who was 65. Carlile told PEOPLE that it was a unique way to fall in love.

Who Is Brandi Carlile's Wife? Relationship Details With Catherine Shepherd

Even though they initially talked on the phone, they didn’t really start dating until Shepherd flew to New York City for a charity event and met in person. Carlile had pictured Shepherd as a 65-year-old man, so when she found out she was a young woman, she was “shocked, to say the least,” she told PEOPLE.

Details About Catherine And Brandi’s Married Life

Carlile and Shepherd made their first public appearance together at the 2012 Donor of the Day Celebration at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City in May 2012. On 15 September of that year, Carlile and Shepherd got married in front of family and friends in Boston. Carlile posted the news on social media and said that she was very happy to be getting married, but that the week before the wedding didn’t go as planned.

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They have two kids: Evangeline, who was born in 2014, and Elijah (born 2018). Carlile has thought about how bittersweet it is that she didn’t carry either of her children herself. She knows that her career would have made it hard for her to do so. In her book BrokenHorses, the singer wrote that she was “really confused about what my role was” before she “made peace with not being pregnant” and realized that their parenting was already “pioneering” since there wasn’t even a two-mother template for birth certificates yet.

Who Is Brandi Carlile's Wife? Relationship Details With Catherine Shepherd

On their ninth anniversary, Brandi posted a sweet message to Catherine and an adorable photo of the two of them on Instagram. “Congratulations, Cath! 9 years! I promise that next year we’ll do something other than promote our albums,” Brandi wrote. “You make everything feel like a vacation, though, and I wouldn’t give up a single second of whatever time you give me. I love you more than boats, wine, and maybe even more than Elton John.” She also: “Thanks for marrying me and turning into a reluctant and brilliantly sarcastic American.”

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