Bray Wyatt Divorce: Why Did His Wife File For Divorce?

On last night’s SmackDown, a teary-eyed Bray Wyatt talked about his return to WWE.

Bray Wyatt’s life, both in and out of the ring, is full of excitement. Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Lawrence Rotunda, has, in recent years, attracted media attention for the same reason that other professional wrestlers have: his shady romantic relationships.

Wyatt’s wife of five years, Samantha Rotunda, filed for divorce from him in 2017.

The reason for the divorce she gave was he had cheated on her with ring announcer and ex-wrestler JoJo. He said his ex was just trying to defame him at the time, and he didn’t do anything wrong.

Bray Wyatt Divorce: Why Did His Wife File For Divorce?

In this post, we will discuss the real reason behind Bray Wyatt’s divorce. We would also cover other details of their messy divorce battle.

Towards the end, we will reveal the new Bray Wyatt character name as he makes a comeback to WWE.

Why Did Bray Wyatt’s Wife File For Divorce?

Samantha Rotunda, who was married to WWE superstar Bray Wyatt, asked for a divorce because she thought he was cheating on her with WWE ring announcer JoJo.

Rotunda accused Wyatt of having an affair, according to divorce papers filed in Hernando County, Florida, and obtained by Jose Lambiet of the Daily Mail. Even though she wasn’t named in the documents, Lambiet said that the woman with whom Wyatt was said to have had an affair was JoJo.

At the time, Wyatt denied the claims and said that his ex-wife was just trying to ruin his name.

The truth came out in the end, though, when Rotunda’s lawyer said there was proof that Wyatt was close with Offerman, as reported by the Daily Mail. Lambiet said that Ray Rafool, Rotunda’s lawyer, said that he “got phone records that show Wyatt is in “continuous contact” with Jojo.”

Bray Wyatt Divorce: Why Did His Wife File For Divorce?

Rotunda’s divorce papers say that she and Wyatt haven’t lived together since March. That is when Wyatt is said to have “walked out” on her and the couple’s two daughters.

When things got bad, the pro wrestler is said to have left Rotunda and started dating Offerman.

In 2018, the WWE star even made it official on Instagram that they were dating. He did this while turning off the comments feature on his posts to avoid the backlash. In 2019, the couple had their own child, a son named Knash.

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Divorce Proceedings Between Bray Wyatt And Samantha Rotunda Were Quite Messy

According to Heavy, Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda’s love story before they split up would have made a great rom-com. When they were students at Alabama’s Troy University, they fell in love. Wyatt was there on a football scholarship, but he left early to become a professional wrestler. Rotunda stayed to get her degree. In 2009, he signed with WWE. Two years later, in 2011, their daughter Kendyl was born. They got married in 2012, and their daughter Cadyn was born in 2013.

Rotunda asked for full custody of their girls and child support when she asked for a divorce. She also asked to keep their home on the west coast of Florida (via Heavy). In 2018, however, the Daily Mail said that Wyatt wasn’t paying child support to his ex-wife and was instead buying JoJo Offerman jewelry with the money. He had also been staying at the Total Divas star’s apartment in Miami instead of in West Florida near his daughters, where he lived with them.

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After being forced to go to mediation, Wyatt agreed to pay his ex-girlfriend $14,765 a month for child support and maintenance. From Wyatt and Rotunda’s Instagram posts, it looks like they’ve come to an agreement about how to raise their children together.

Recently, the wrestler made a comeback to WWE, read on to know the name of his new character.

What Is The Name Of The New Bray Wyatt Character?

During the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, Bray Wyatt came back and increased the excitement in the arena tenfold. Fans started to think about the person in the mask on Smackdown this week, according to the paywall on Fightful.

Bray Wyatt Divorce: Why Did His Wife File For Divorce?

People inside the company have called the mask brought in for the Wyatt segments an “Uncle Howdy” mask. On October 8, WWE asked the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to register the name “Uncle Howdy” as a trademark. We’ll have to wait and see what Bray Wyatt’s plans are in WWE.

Although we’ll have to wait and see what Bray Wyatt does next, it’s clear that he’s doing great things.

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