Who Is Bria Fleming’s Boyfriend? Inside Their Relationship

Fashion entrepreneur Bria Fleming is set to captivate audiences as one of the cast members of Bravo’s highly anticipated new show, Summer House MV. This spin-off series, akin to the original Summer House franchise, follows a group of 12 friends who embark on a summer adventure in Martha’s Vineyard. What sets this show apart is its diverse and successful African American cast, who share a long-standing bond. Among them is Bria Fleming, a 27-year-old powerhouse who recently made a significant move to Germany to be with her boyfriend, Simon Marco, whom she met at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

While Bria’s professional accomplishments are undoubtedly impressive, she places great value on her relationships with friends and her boyfriend, Simon Marco. In this article, we’ll take a closer to their relationship.

How Did Bria And Simon Start Dating?

Bria and Simon’s love story began to unfold in 2022 when they crossed paths at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival in France. Bria attended the festival as part of her film program, while Simon was busy styling models and actors on the glamorous red carpet. Their initial encounter took place at a restaurant, where Bria found herself alone after her high school friend left her. Sensing her solitude, Simon kindly offered to buy her a few drinks, sparking an immediate connection between them. “I ended up just staying, and I had some drinks with him,” Bria exclusively shared. “And then we hit it off, and we started dating right away.”

Who Is Bria Fleming's Boyfriend? Inside Their Relationship

Initially skeptical, Bria’s doubts were dispelled as she and Simon embarked on a journey together, exploring Italy and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Their bond grew stronger over time, and after several months of dating, Bria made the bold decision to move to Munich, Germany, to be closer to Simon. Although excited about this new chapter in their relationship, Bria understandably had concerns about being in an interracial relationship abroad.

“I’m like, ‘Well, are there Black people there? Like, what’s going on?'” Bria candidly shared her initial worries. “I needed to know where I was staying. Am I going to be OK?”

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Inside Bria And Simon’s Relationship

Simon, being the supportive and encouraging partner he is, reassured Bria that everything would be fine. With Simon’s comforting words echoing in her mind, Bria embarked on a bus journey from Milan to Germany, a journey that would ultimately shape her future. Despite the physical distance between them during Bria’s involvement in the show, Simon stood by her side and supported her decision to join the cast of Summer House.

Bria’s love and respect for Simon shine through her words as she assures us that their bond is strong enough to withstand any challenges that may arise during filming. Their relationship is built on trust, transparency, and open communication.

Who Is Bria Fleming's Boyfriend? Inside Their Relationship

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“He [Simon] knows I would never play myself in any way or disrespect our relationship,” Bria declared with conviction. “And I cherish it. He’s very confident, and I’m the same with him. And that’s how we’re very transparent. We communicate a lot about our feelings and are very open.”

As Bria and Simon embark on their journey together, we wish them the very best in their relationship. Their love story, unfolding amidst the spotlight of Summer House MV, promises to be an exciting and heartfelt narrative that will captivate viewers. The bond they share serves as a testament to the strength of love and the power of supporting one another’s dreams. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their story unfold on the show and seeing the triumphs and challenges they face together.

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