Who Is Brian Urlacher’s Wife, Jennipher Frost? Relationship Info

Behind every successful man is a woman who always stands by him, no matter what. In Brian Urlacher’s case, this woman is without a doubt Jennipher Frost. Jennipher Frost became famous when she married Brian Urlacher, who used to play linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Even though she is married to an NFL star who played for 13 years, Jennipher is not as well-known as other people.

Meet Brian Urlacher’s Wife

Jennipher Frost, the wife of former American Football linebacker Brian Urlacher, is a native of Pocatello, Idaho. On January 11, 1982, she was born. Jennipher went to Idaho State University and Boise State University. She also tried out for the show America’s Next Top Model. She didn’t win the show, but she did work as a model for a short time. She worked as a model for swimsuits and did some test shots. Jennipher Frost’s professional life has been very busy since she graduated. She has taken on many different roles at different jobs. No one knows exactly when she started working, but she has worked in the nightlife business at casino hotels and clubs. Jennipher also worked as a marketer for Angel Music Group and was involved in a number of other businesses. She also worked in the hotel business as a manager at the Altitude Pool SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Who Is Brian Urlacher's Wife, Jennipher Frost? Relationship Info

Frost has also worked at the Hard Rock Hotel and Body English. She has also worked as a hostess and marketer for the company AMG/Wet Republic. She has also worked at Andreas Restaurant at Encore in Las Vegas as a manager and marketing manager.

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America’s Next Top Model

In 2004, the wife of a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears competed on the third season of the popular reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. At the end of the show, she came in 10th place. During her journey on the show, Jennipher and another contestant named Ann got into a fight. But when Eva, another contestant, joined the fight, it turned into a three-way fight. She stayed on the show even after the fight. It wasn’t often that the show kept contestants who got into a fight. So, she was the first contestant who didn’t get kicked off the show after the fight.

Who Is Brian Urlacher's Wife, Jennipher Frost? Relationship Info

She didn’t win the show, though. Jennipher was the 10th person on the show, but she was eventually kicked off. The fight wasn’t just the best thing she did on the show. During a runway judging challenge, she walked the runway with ANTM written on her butt.

Jennipher Frost has stayed out of the spotlight, so not much is known about her personal life. Adam Goldstein, a businessman from California, was her first husband. They met in 2011 and got married the following year. Their marriage, however, ended in divorce in 2015.

Jennipher Frost’s first marriage gave her a son. She also has a daughter with Brian Urlacher, who was born in 2017.

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Jennipher And Brian Urlacher: Wedding

Jennipher was introduced to Brian Urlacher by a mutual friend. She met him five years after America’s Next Top Model was over. The two people hit it off right away and dated for a few years before getting married on March 13, 2016. In Queen Creek, Arizona, they got married. Jay Glazer, a friend and business partner, helped spread the news, and a number of Urlacher’s old teammates tweeted their congratulations.

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