Brianna K Divorce: Is She Breaking Up With Adam? Exclusive Information

Brianna K is a YouTuber who is known for her vlogs about her family. Her self-titled YouTube channel made her famous, and she now has more than 422k subscribers. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 9, 1987. She turned 35 this year (as of 2022).

Adam is her husband’s name, and they have three kids: two boys named London and Hayden and a girl named Presley Jane. She started her YouTube channel on September 11, 2014, and on July 23, 2015, she posted her first video. Her pregnancy vlog, which has more than 10 million views, is the most popular video on her YouTube channel. She mostly writes about interior design, shopping, and getting things organized. She has more than 182k people who follow her on Instagram.

For quite some time now, things haven’t been quite right between Brianna and her husband. There have been wild speculations about the duo reaching a breaking point in their relationship. Some fans are even coming forward saying that Brianna has filed for divorce. Read on to know more

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Is Brianna K Getting A Divorce From Husband Adam?

Brianna and her husband Adam have not confirmed or denied that they are getting a divorce.

Maybe the split is just a way to get more people to watch. She can cry divorce and then start all over again. Just think about how many videos she could make!

Fans say that her Instagram stories are probably one of her “plants” to make people think, but she will never answer. She knows that some people know or suspect that she’s getting a divorce, but she’s not going to confirm it yet. Most people know she’s going home for the summer because of what she’s said recently. She has to think of a way to explain why Adam isn’t there, or they’ll have to sell the Cleveland house. The first week could be pictures of her and Presley at Wicked, followed by pictures from the girl’s trip to Disney. From then on, she will have to explain herself.

Brianna K Divorce: Is She Breaking Up With Adam? Exclusive Information

She is probably looking for ways to keep her channel from dying. Many fans opine she needs to stop using the Internet now more than ever. She doesn’t have to put this on a stage or sell it to make money. She could just say it. Or you could just not say it and let people add it in the comments. Stop being so rigid and just go with the flow for once.

People are wondering how long she’s been wanting this. It’s quite likely she just thought about it at first and then made plans for it. We’ve seen her pack for trips months before she leaves. And that’s just so she can go to Disney like she always does. She probably planned something like this and then waited for the right time to act.

Their relationship has been in trouble for years. Hayden was a last-ditch effort to save things, but desperation babies usually have the opposite effect, which is what happened here. When you add a string of bad decisions and being broke, this is what you get.

Brianna K Divorce: Is She Breaking Up With Adam? Exclusive Information

Some followers hold the idea that Brianna and Adam were never a good match, and while they might have been able to make it if they hadn’t had kids or only had one or two, adding a third child, moving, and making bad decisions put the final nail in the coffin.

It has nothing to do with how much two adults love their kids if they break up. If you love your kids, you should split up, because you’re a better parent when you’re happier. Everyone loses when someone stays in a bad situation.

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Fans Had Predicted Brianna K And Adam Divorce Would Eventually Happen

A lot of people have been saying for years that this would happen. People thought it would happen after about 10 years of marriage, but unplanned things happened that made it happen sooner. What is the number one reason most people around the world get divorced? – MONEY ISSUES WITHIN THE MARRIAGE. The same thing will happen to the other YouTube moms and families who spend more than they make and don’t use their few years of fame ($$$) to pay off their debts and save money for when they are no longer famous.

Brianna K and Adam probably won’t continue to “live together” with the kids in the Ohio house. We don’t think she ever wanted to move back to Ohio. Right now, she has no choice but to go back there. She would stay in Hawaii if there was any way to do so. Even though the trailer is small, they would still live there if they wanted to stay together after getting divorced. They have decided that between the two of them, they don’t make enough money to keep both houses. In fact, they can’t even afford to stay in the trailer if they sell the Ohio house.

When the dust settles and all of the debts and assets are split between them, they should both be able to walk away with some cash, even though they will both lose some money. She might find that she has enough money in that account to pay the 20% down payment on her current home in Ohio and stay there, but she won’t have any other savings and will need to go back to work as soon as possible. He could take his half and buy a house to put himself in the same situation, or he could decide to rent for now.

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