Who Is Camilla Luddington’s Husband? Relationship Info With Matthew

Camilla Anne Luddington is a fantastic British actress who’s made a name for herself as Dr. Josephine “Jo” Wilson on the ABC hit series Grey’s Anatomy. But that’s not all – she’s the voice behind Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider video games, bringing the character to life with her motion capture skills.

Now, shifting gears a bit, let’s take a sneak peek into Camilla’s personal life. Did you know that Camilla has been happily married to the charming Matthew Alan for three amazing years? Their love story is something special, and if you’re curious to learn more about Matthew and the beautiful bond they share, you’re in for a treat! Dive into the details of their heartwarming marriage right here!

Inside Camilla Luddington And Matthew’s Love Story

Camilla and Matthew, our cherished actors from Grey’s Anatomy, have a heartwarming backstory that goes way back before their fame. The delightful couple actually met during their early days in Los Angeles while working at a restaurant, as Camilla charmingly shared in a 2018 Today interview.

Who Is Camilla Luddington's Husband? Relationship Info With Matthew

She fondly recalled, “Way back in the day, we actually waited tables together when we first got to Los Angeles.” Although it’s not crystal clear if that’s when their love story began, it’s evident they share a special connection from way back when.

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The couple got engaged in 2018, right after Matthew’s guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. After years of a blossoming romance, the duo joyfully exchanged vows and officially became life partners in a heartwarming ceremony held on August 17, 2019.

How Many Children Do Camilla and Matthew Have?

In their journey of love, Camilla and Matthew have been blessed with two adorable children. Hayden, their eldest, is a lively 4-year-old, and their family expanded with the arrival of Lucas Matthew, born shortly after their first wedding anniversary in August 2020.

Meet Matthew Alan, Camilla Luddington’s Husband

Originally known as Matthew Gerbig, Camilla’s spouse opted to change his name to Matthew Alan as his professional success began to soar. The exact timing and reason behind this decision remain unclear.

Who Is Camilla Luddington's Husband? Relationship Info With Matthew

Hailing from Evansville, Indiana, Matthew is both an actor and a producer. One of his initial projects involved a Bud Light commercial alongside Stevie Wonder, debuting during the 2013 Super Bowl. In his early career, Matthew also took on a recurring role in Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, portraying the character Danny.

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Notably, he portrayed Seth Massey in the Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why and had recurring roles in Snowfall and Castle Rock. In his latest venture, he took on the role of Officer Joseph Gabrish in the Jeffrey Dahmer mini-series Monster.

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