Who Is Candace Parker’s Husband? She Is Currently Married To Anya Petrakova

Candace Parker is one of the most famous people in the WNBA. She has joined her hometown team, the Chicago Sky, and led them to the championship in the team’s history. On and off the court, Parker is a brave athlete. Parker has never given up. In 2003 and 2004, she was named Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year. She stood up to Shaquille O’Neal and is now one of the best players ever.

However, the temperature quickly rose when it came to romantic pursuits. She has tied the knot twice: once with basketball player Shelden William, and again with Anya Petrakova. Find out everything there is to know about their journey together by reading on!

Candace Parker Is Currently Married To Anya Petrakova

Parker and Anya Petrakova have a happy marriage. They have been a couple since 2019. In December of 2021, the WNBA legend took to social media to announce three life-altering events: her first pregnancy, her 2nd wedding anniversary, and her extreme joy at becoming a mother. In an Instagram slideshow, Parker reflected on their wedding day and stated, “My heart could have exploded.” This person “wailed like a baby,” as the speaker put it.

Who Is Candace Parker's Husband? She Is Currently Married To Anya Petrakova

A few years ago, I tied the knot with my best buddy in front of our closest relatives and friends. I thought my chest was going to burst. Parker admitted, “I cried like a baby.” When you get to know either me or you, you get to know our love. It hasn’t been a smooth ride thus far. For everything, we have accomplished and for the people, we have become as a unit, I am eternally grateful.

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Parker Has Two Kids

Parker has a daughter, Lailaa Nicole Williams, From her ex-husband Williams. She was born on May 13, 2009. Parker and her wife, Russian player Anna Petrakova, announced the birth of their son on social media. Larry Petrakov Parker was born on Feb. 11, 2022, according to Parker’s Instagram account.

Who Is Candace Parker's Husband? She Is Currently Married To Anya Petrakova

The baller and sports commentator also gushed about Petrakova for being a safe haven for Parker and her daughter Laila. “Thank you for always loving Lailaa as your own; for being my peace, my strength, my voice of reason; for being my laughter; for being my cuddles; for being my dance in the rain; for being my joy; for being my home. I appreciate you calling me on my assumptions and opinions all the time. I adore you; I treasure you and our relationship.

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Know About Candace Parker’s Ex-Husband Shelden Williams

Candace Parker was on a recruiting trip to Duke University when she met Shelden Williams for the first time. As they both got better at professional basketball, their friendship got stronger. Then, on November 13, 2008, they got married.

Who Is Candace Parker's Husband? She Is Currently Married To Anya Petrakova

Williams and Parker broke up in 2016. They had been living on their own for a few months. But in November, Williams was the one who asked for a divorce. The couple who broke up said they had problems they couldn’t solve. After they broke up, Parker paid Williams $400,000 as a settlement. Lailaa, their daughter, is in the care of both of them.

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