Who Is Carley Shimkus’ Husband? The Couple Is Expecting Their First Child!

Carley Shimkus is a co-host on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends First, which airs weekdays from 4 to 6 AM ET. She started working for the network in 2009 as a production assistant on FOX Business Network (FBN), where she was later promoted to associate producer.

Carley Shimkus was born in Long Valley, New Jersey, USA, on November 7, 1986. She’s 35 years old right now.

Her family is from Poland, but she was born in the United States. Carley’s mother is Zulma M. Shimkus, and her father is Edward Shimkus. Her father was born on October 15th. Her mother worked as a flight attendant, and her father was on the same plane.

Carley Shimkus is married to Peter Buchignani. In this post, you’ll learn more about their life as a married couple.

Know About Peter Buchignani, Carley Shimkus’ Husband

Carley and her husband Peter met for the first time on Carley’s 23rd birthday. They became friends, and then in 2013, they started dating officially. After dating for a few years, Peter proposed to her, and they decided to get married on August 8, 2015, in New Jersey. She said that she is now married on her show, Imus in the Morning.

Who Is Carley Shimkus' Husband? The Couple Is Expecting Their First Child!

According to his LinkedIn page and Facebook profile, Buchignani is based in Chicago and has lived in Illinois for most of his life. He was raised in Bloomington, a town about 140 miles south of Chicago.

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He was born on September 21, 1986, to Leo and Mary Edna Buchignani. He has two siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister. Buchignani left Illinois for college, but he has been working in Chicago since at least early 2015.

In August, The Couple Announced That They Are Expecting

The TV reporter told the happy news live on FOX & Friends First this morning. My news is that I’m pregnant!” Shimkus smiled and said on air.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” she said, adding that the baby is due in February. The banner on the news program said, “CARLEY IS PREGNANT!”

“I’m going to be a mom! I am so excited about this. I’m very excited to see my husband Pete with the baby. He’s going to be the best dad! …Many changes, but all for the better, “she said. Two boxes of blue-frosted cupcakes were unwrapped and opened to find out the gender of the baby boy.

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Shimkus smiled live on air while her co-stars showed off the cakes to the viewers. “I know that babies are born every second of every day,” she said “…it’s the most magical thing I’ve done in my life. When I saw the first sonogram and heard the heartbeat, I cried. I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt.”

Who Is Carley Shimkus' Husband? The Couple Is Expecting Their First Child!

The couple is very excited about their first child.

Meet Carley Shimkus On Instagram

Carley is on Instagram under the handle @carleyshimkus. She has a huge following of 136K people who follow her. In her bio, she said, “carleyshimkus | Co-Host of Fox & Friends First | 4-6 am et on @foxnews.” Her husband is often mentioned in her posts. They’re going well. We hope that their love will grow over time…

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