A Peek Into Charles Esten’s Wife And Their Relationship

Charles Esten is a well-known American actor, musician, and comedian. He played the role of Deacon Claybourne, a country singer, on the ABC/CMT drama Nashville from 2012 to 2018, which launched his music career. He also played Ward Cameron on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. Esten appeared on the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? as a series regular between 1999 and 2005 and returned with guest appearances from 2017 to 2020.

Looking into his personal life, Esten is married to Patty Puskar (née Hanson), whom he met in college. The two met while attending the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where they fell in love and began dating during their junior year. They eventually got married in 1991 and have three children together: Taylor, Chase, and Addie. In this article, we’ll talk about Esten And Patty’s Relationship in detail.

Everything About Patty And Charle’s First Encounter

Patty Hanson grew up in a military family and moved around a lot. She had her heart set on attending Duke University, but she was not accepted in time. Instead, she decided to attend the College of William & Mary in Virginia. It was at William & Mary where she met Charles Esten, who was playing rhythm guitar in his band, N’est Pas, at the time.

A Peek Into Charles Esten's Wife And Their Relationship

Although they knew of each other on campus, they didn’t get to know each other until Patty broke up with her long-term boyfriend and attended a campus fundraiser where N’est Pas was playing. Charles spotted her in the audience and changed the song to “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits, which he sang to her. They started dating during their junior year and got married in 1991.

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Details About Patty And Charle’s Marriage

Patty Hanson and Charles Esten exchanged vows on November 2, 1991, at All Saint’s Episcopal Church in Winter Park, Florida. Patty Hanson then became Patty Puskar. In a 2015 interview with People, Charles said that he was his wife’s heartthrob before everyone else, and she has been his biggest fan since. He added that whenever people would come over to him and tell him that they were his biggest fan, he would nod, but deep inside, he knew that there would never be anyone bigger of a fan of him than his wife. At the same time, Patty also knew that Charles was her biggest fan.

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The Couple Has Three Children

Patty and Charles Esten have three children. Their first child, Taylor Puskar, followed in her father’s footsteps as a singer. Charles once shared that he is proud of his daughter because of her talent and the way she conducts herself. He said that her music is beautiful and that her lyrics are thoughtful, which he thinks is not always the case with music today. Their second child, Chase Puskar, is their only son. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently a research associate at the university.

A Peek Into Charles Esten's Wife And Their Relationship

Finally, their youngest child, Addie, was diagnosed with leukemia at two and a half years old. The family was grateful that their doctor already had a list of options to fight their daughter’s disease. Charles Esten mentioned at a leukemia fundraiser event in Tennessee that the reason the doctor could do so was that of all the research and fundraising that went into finding new ways to fight leukemia. Today, 14-year-old Addie is healthy.

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