Who Is Charles White Aka Moist Critical’s Girlfriend?

Charles Christopher White Jr. is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and musician who is better known as MoistCr1TiKaL (say “moist critical”), Cr1TiKaL, or penguinz0 (his channel name). He is best known for his videos and lives streams where he talks about video games and internet culture. White’s writing is marked by his deep, monotone voice and deadpan style of humor. White is also a co-founder and co-owner of the esports team Moist Esports. He is also a co-founder and member of the musical group Gentle Men.

As of March 2023, White’s YouTube channel has over 6.98 billion views, over 12.3 million subscribers, and an average of 151.4 million views per month. His Twitch channel has over 4.8 million followers and over 61 million views.

He’s not only got a ton of fans, but also a sweet romantic backstory. His long-term partner is Tiana Tracy. The couple has a deep parental bond with their canine companions and enjoys spending time with them. The article focuses on the couple’s dynamic.

Meet Moist Critical’s Girlfriend, Tiana Tracy

Tiana Tracy is an American photographer and veterinarian. When she started dating Charles White, who is better known as Cr1TiKaL, she became famous. Penguinz0’s girlfriend has kept a low profile over the years, so not many people know much about her. 

Tiana Tracy was born in the United States on November 9th. She is a smart woman who is also very pretty. She went to Hillsborough Community College and got a degree in veterinary technology in the year 2020. Tracy used Instagram to tell her boyfriend and two dogs about her new degree and to thank them. The lengthy caption read, “I hope you’re all ready for a few days of photo spam because I GRADUATED!! I’m so thankful that @kristina kmckenzie took such great pictures of me, and of course, what kind of grad photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without my girls celebrating with me? I officially have a degree AS in Veterinary Technology and cannot wait to see where this field takes me. I’m both nervous and excited to take the VTNE to get my Vet Tech license this fall, but I know I can do anything with these girls (and Charlie, of course) by my side.”

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The Couple Have Shared Love Of Dogs

Charles White and his girlfriend Tiana Tracy have been together for almost seven years now. They celebrated their sixth anniversary on November 12, 2022. They met in college, and their shared love of dogs may have helped them fall in love.

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They often post beautiful photos of each other on social media. Since they got together, they have been happy. Unlike some other famous people, they have never been linked to a relationship scandal. Also, there are no public records of their past relationships. Overall, Tiana Tracy’s relationship with Cr1TiKaL seems happy and inspiring to many of their fans.

Tiana Tracy and Cr1TiKaL still don’t have a child. But Tracy already thinks of herself as the “mother” of two. Cayda and Petra are two lovely dogs that the couple shares. You can find their photos on Tiana Tracy’s Instagram page or on Tetra and Cayda’s Instagram page.

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