Charlie Robison Death: He Dies At The Age Of 59

Charles Fitzgerald Robison, born on September 1, 1964, and passing away on September 10, 2023, was a renowned American country music artist known for his songwriting talents. He came from a family of musicians, with his brother, Bruce Robison, and his sister, Robyn Ludwick, both making their mark as singer-songwriters.

He had musical endeavors with several bands, including Chaparral, Millionaire Playboys, and Two Hoots and a Holler. It was in 1996 that he embarked on a solo career, releasing his album “Bandera.” He later signed with Sony and launched “Life of the Party” under the Lucky Dog Records subsidiary of Sony.

Given the recent passing of Charlie Robison and the heightened interest surrounding his life and demise, this article aims to delve into the details of Charlie Robison’s death and his remarkable musical journey.

Charlie Robison’s Death Confirmed By Wife Kristen

Charlie Robison, the celebrated country singer-songwriter renowned for chart-toppers like “I Want You Bad” and “My Hometown,” has passed away at the age of 59. His wife, Kristen, confirmed his demise via a heartfelt message on Facebook, sharing the somber news.

Charlie Robison Death: He Dies At The Age Of 59

She wrote, “With deep sadness, I convey that my beloved husband, Charlie Robison, has departed today, surrounded by our family and close friends. My heart is heavy, and I ask for your prayers for me, our children, and our entire family.”

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The musician’s passing occurred at a San Antonio hospital, where he had been admitted due to cardiac arrest and other associated health complications, as reported by a family spokesperson to the Associated Press.

Remembering Charlie Robison: A Journey Through the Life and Music of a Texan Singer-Songwriter

Robison embarked on his musical journey in the late 1980s, initially playing with local Austin bands such as Two Hoots and a Holler before establishing his own group, Millionaire Playboys. His solo career took off in 1996 when he released his debut album, “Bandera,” named after the Texas Hill Country town where his family had a longstanding ranch.

In 1998, Sony approached Robison, and he signed with their Lucky Dog label, which focused on rawer country music. His 2001 album, “Step Right Up,” spawned his lone Top 40 country hit, “I Want You Bad.”

In 2018, Charlie Robison announced that he had permanently lost his singing ability after undergoing a throat surgery. He expressed his retirement from both live performances and recording in a heartfelt message on Facebook.

Charlie Robison Death: He Dies At The Age Of 59

Robison also had a brief stint as a judge on the reality TV show “Nashville Star” on the USA Network, where contestants competed for a country music recording contract while living together.

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He is survived by his wife, Kristen Robison, as well as four children and stepchildren, three of whom were from his previous marriage to Emily Strayer, a founding member of the renowned country band The Chicks. Robison and Strayer divorced in 2008, and their separation inspired songs on his 2009 album, “Beautiful Day,” which he recorded while living in a San Antonio loft apartment near the Greyhound bus station, surrounded by eclectic furniture and empty beer bottles.

Reflecting on the impact of his music, Robison once mentioned how fans would approach him, feeling that his songs resonated with their own experiences. He hadn’t initially intended this, but it became a lasting effect of his work.

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