Who Is Chayanne’s Wife? A Look Into Their Relationship

Elmer Figueroa Arce is a Puerto Rican Latin pop singer and actor who is better known by his stage name, Chayanne. As a solo artist, Chayanne has put out 21 albums and sold more than 50 million records around the world. This makes him one of the best-selling Latin music artists.

In the 1980s, Chayanne was in two Puerto Rican telenovelas that were shown on the WAPA-TV station. Sombras del Pasado starred Daniel Lugo and Alba Nydia Daz, and Tormento starred Daniel Lugo and Yazmin Pereira.

Chayanne, who has been called “everyone’s dad” because of how popular he is, has not only one of the longest musical careers but also one of the longest-lasting relationships. He has been married to Marilisa Maronesse for 30 years. The couple has two kids together. Read on to know everything about his wife and their relationship.

Meet Chayanne’s Wife, Marilisa Maronesse

Marilisa Maronesse is married to the famous American musician Chayanne. She is the mother of his children and his biggest supporter. Marilisa was born in Venezuela as Mariana Elizabeth Maronesse de Figueroa. She is white, and she became famous because she was with Elmer Figueroa Arce, who goes by the stage name Chayanne.

Who Is Chayanne's Wife? A Look Into Their Relationship

About her early life, not much is known. However, she has a sister named Anna Maronesse. The sister of Marilisa Maronese is the mother of Eleonora Pons Maronese, also known as Lele Pons. She is a well-known Instagram star and YouTuber.

Maronesse is a well-established career woman in addition to being the wife of a famous person. She worked as a model and ran for the title of Miss Venezuela in 1988. In 1988, she won the title of Miss Venezuela Latina.

Marilisa shows that you can be beautiful and smart at the same time. She was pretty enough to compete in beauty pageants, and she was smart enough to become a lawyer. She went to school and got a degree in law from the University of Venezuela. Before she got married, Marilisa quit modeling and went to law school. She is still practicing law but in a low-key way.

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When Did Chayanne And Marilisa Maronesse Get Married?

Chayanne and Maronesse met in 1988 when she was a model and trying to win the title of Miss Venezuela. On the other hand, the singer was one of the performers who had been invited to the show. When these two met, they fell in love right away, and soon after, they started dating.

Who Is Chayanne's Wife? A Look Into Their Relationship

In 1992, the singer married Marilisa in a private ceremony. Close friends and family members came to the event. Since then, they have been together, making them one of the longest-lasting couples in the show business.

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The Couple Has Two Kids

Chayanne And Marilisa are very proud of their two children, Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia Figueroa. After they had their first child, they told everyone about their marriage. On August 14, 1997, they had their first child, Lorenzo. Three years later, on December 11, 2002, they had their second child.

Who Is Chayanne's Wife? A Look Into Their Relationship

Both kids are well-known on social media and have verified Instagram accounts. Their pages have a huge number of fans. Isadora’s Instagram page is (@isadorafigueroa), and Lorenzo’s is (@lofigueroa).

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