Who Is Chelcie Lynn’s Husband? An Insight Into Their Relationship

Chelcie Lynn is an American YouTuber, actress, and stand-up comedian. She got her start on the internet as “Trailer Trash Tammy” on the video-sharing site Vine. Lynn posted her first original Vine in 2013, and when the platform was shut down in 2017, she moved to YouTube to keep sharing videos.

For Luke’s 12 Days of Prankmas in 2019, Lynn and Luke Bryan worked together to trick Bryan’s mother, Caroline, into thinking that he was being attacked by a crazy fan named Tammy. In June 2021, Variety Magazine put her on a list of the Top 10 Comics to Watch in 2021.

Lynn has a fascinating love life alongside her interesting videos. She married Chelcie Lynn, the person she met in college who plays Darryl in her videos on YouTube. This article will focus on her husband and how the two of them got together.

Who Is Chelcie Lynn’s Husband, Greg Melton?

Greg Melton, who is married to Chelcie Lynn, is an actor, a comedian, and an engineer. Greg works for the Qualcomm company in San Diego, California.

Greg was born and grew up in the Texas town of Ennis. Joshua Melton is the name of his brother. Greg studied computer science at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and biomedicine at Case Western Reserve University, according to his Facebook page. When he was in college, he played football on the team.

Who Is Chelcie Lynn's Husband? An Insight Into Their Relationship

He used to work as a teaching assistant at Southern Oklahoma State University and is now a failure analysis engineer at Qualcomm. In the same way, he is an actor and a comedian. On the YouTube Channel, he goes by the name Darryl. Melton is active on Facebook, a social media site. Most of the pictures he has posted are of him with his family and friends.

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A Look Into Chelcie Lynn And Greg Melton’s Relationship

In 2005, Chelcie Lynn met her husband, Greg Melton, when she was in college. Greg Melton, a young college football player from a school two hours from Chelcie’s, came up with her suggestions. I saw this lad, in this football uniform, and my heart started palpitating,” Chelcie recalled. She asked to be his friend, and he said yes.

Greg admits that his first message to the young blonde was a pretty lame pick-up line: “I like your eyes.” The two kept talking on Facebook and got to know each other more and more over time. At the beginning of their relationship, she said that their talks “shaped a healthy relationship.”

Who Is Chelcie Lynn's Husband? An Insight Into Their Relationship

The two became close over their shared interests, college lives, and families. In May 2010, they made it official by getting married at a small party with family and close friends. In 2022, they celebrated 12 years of being married. Together, they have two dogs.

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In Chelcie Lynn’s YouTube videos, her husband plays the part of Darryl. The famous person also posts cute photos of herself and her husband on Instagram. The American actress brags about how much her husband cares for her and helps her every chance she gets on social media. In 2018, on their 9th wedding anniversary, the actress wrote on her Instagram page how proud and lucky she felt to be married to Greg Melton.

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