Who Is “Basketball Hall Of Famer” Chris Bosh’s Wife?

Chris Bosh had a promising NBA career, but blood clots in his body cut it short. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that he is a Hall of Fame player and has done a lot in his 13-year professional career. Bosh was picked in the famous NBA draft of 2003, along with his fellow stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Both players would win two NBA titles as part of South Beach’s “Big Three” of their time.

In 2016, the 11-time All-Star retired. On February 9, 2016, he played his last NBA game. Even though the NBA said he couldn’t play again, Bosh fought for three years to resume his playing career. But in 2019, he said he was going to retire. The Heat gave up his No. 1 jersey the same year. Bosh was chosen to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021. Looking into his personal life he is happily married to the famous model Adrienne Nicole with five children. Read on to know everything about Chris’ personal life.

Meet Chris’ Wife, Adrienne Bosh

Adrienne Nicole Bosh was born on 17 April 1985. While she’s grown famous as Chris Bosh‘s wife, she’s also accomplished on her own. She won her first beauty contest in high school. Adrienne was a young model when she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling. She earned movie parts after moving to California. Adrienne is famous for her roles in “Three Barbecues,” “Martin Luther King Day,” and “How To Throw A Party.”

Who Is "Basketball Hall Of Famer" Chris Bosh's Wife? Complete Info

She’s been in music videos, periodicals, and ads. Adrienne launched Ohio’s Diamonds & Dimes Entertainment. Adrienne Bosh owns Sparkle & Shine Darling. She’s great at attracting women to events. Businesswoman and philanthropist. She’s donated to charity. In 2022, she’ll be worth $10 million.

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Chris And Adrienne Want More Kids: They Are Currently Parents Of Five

Chris and Adrienne started dating when Chris was still with the Raptors in Toronto. It was sometime in 2009. Before he became famous, Adrienne fell in love with him. She did know that he played basketball, but she wasn’t interested in fame or money. Adrienne and Chris got together for all the right reasons, and the universe made it possible.

Who Is "Basketball Hall Of Famer" Chris Bosh's Wife? Complete Info

Charis, who is 6 feet 11 inches tall, didn’t waste any time getting down on one knee. Chris Bosh asked Adrienne to marry him in August 2010, just a month after he signed with the Heat and a year after he started dating her. Adrienne didn’t even pause before saying yes. After less than a year, they got married in Miami, Florida. Chris and Adrienne have had four kids together. In 2012, their first child, a son named Jackson, was born. In 2013, a girl named Dylan was their next child. In 2016, Adrienne also had twins, Phoenix and Lennox. The woman has four kids of her own, and she is also the stepmother of Chris Bosh’s daughter from a previous relationship.

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“I love having lots of kids around, and holidays and other traditions are great when you have a big family. “It’s fun to see them grow up and become adults who work well together,” Adrienne, 30 years old, told PEOPLE. Chris is very excited to meet their new babies, even if they may be born during the NBA playoffs. Bosh tells PEOPLE, “The happiness of babies can’t be bought.” “I think they should have good luck. We’re so excited!”

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