Meet Christian Wood’s Current Girlfriend & Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped Him For Being Undrafted

Christian Wood is in his seventh season in the NBA and is in the last year of a three-year, $41 million contract. He has already proven himself as a player. The Dallas Mavericks center wasn’t always a sure thing, though. In the 2015 NBA Draft, when Wood was expected to be picked late in the first round or early in the second, he wasn’t taken at all.

Even though Wood’s night was already rough, his girlfriend at the time took advantage of it to kick him when he was already down. Wood said that instead of being helpful and staying with him, he had dropped her off at the airport that night and would never see her again. She probably wishes she hadn’t made that choice, though, since Wood will have made more than $45 by the end of the season. Also, when he becomes a free agent, he is likely to get an even bigger contract.

Christian Wood Started Dating Maya Benberry

Wood moved on from that fateful night to dating Maya Benberry. She was accused of stealing Wood from a friend after it became public knowledge that she was dating him.

Meet Christian Wood's Current Girlfriend & Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped Him For Being Undrafted

Maya, then responded to her bestie Janelle’s claims that she snatched the Rockets player from her former pal on Instagram. According to Benberry’s ex-best friend, she was lying and playing the victim.

Maya claims that she did not steal Christian from anybody she knew, and that she believes former friend and Bad Girls Club star Janelle sent in the allegation to discredit her.

There are speculations that Maya and Christian have recently broken up however there is no official statement from either of them confirming the same.

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Know About Christian Wood’s Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped Him For Not Being Drafted

Christian Wood’s life changed seven years ago, but not in the way he had anticipated.

Wood, a 19-year-old UNLV sophomore at the time, was looking forward to hearing his name called at the 2015 NBA Draft and then partying it up with his loved ones at Caesar’s Palace. Wood’s personal and professional life did not proceed as planned.

“I lost my girlfriend that night, too,” Wood said in an interview with The Ringer. “I dropped her off at the airport after the draft and never saw her again.”

Many fans want to know more about Amanda Gullickson, his ex-girlfriend who dumped him because he didn’t make the draft. She is present on Instagram under the username @amandag and she has more than 57.1k followers there.

Meet Christian Wood's Current Girlfriend & Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped Him For Being Undrafted

Amanda, also known as AG’s website, describes her as a woman who is passionate about personal growth and helping others. She has a diverse background, having grown up in a small town, pursued a career as a professional model, and completed business school for her MBA.

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In addition to modeling, Amanda has also started her own business ventures, written a book, and received coaching training from iPEC. Through her coaching work, Amanda helps clients shift into more present, aware, and fulfilled versions of themselves, improving their relationships and performance in all areas of life. She is committed to being a positive force for change in the world.

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