Is There A Crashed UFO On Starbuck Island? Viral Claim Debunked

We frequently hear reports of UFO sightings, and the government is even looking into them, but with so many individuals reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects, why isn’t there more evidence of the craft themselves? They must crash from time to time. On a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, one might have, and it’s visible on Google Earth.

A video on TikTok purporting to show a UFO crash site on a remote Pacific island has sparked an online debate.

The video, which was allegedly discovered on Kiribati’s Starbuck Island, shows someone using Google Maps to locate the wreckage after zooming in many times.

The TikTok video, which was uploaded by @googleMapsFun, has received over 1.6 million likes, with many people speculating that the object in issue is a UFO.

Is There A Crashed UFO On Starbuck Island?

On TikTok, the user documented their discovery of something strange on an island. A bizarre tail-like streak extended to an unexplainable object before asking, “Could this be a UFO?” as if the object was indeed a UFO.

A video of the sandy island “in the midst of nowhere” emerged on the popular social media platform.

However, zooming in closer, the video provided by user GoogleMapsFun revealed something much stranger on Kiribati’s Starbuck Island.

The user added in the video, which has over 20,000 views: “I planned to utilize Google Earth to explore the oceans until I saw something strange.

“This small sand island was situated in the midst of nowhere. When I first started exploring, I discovered something odd. What could it possibly be? Why is this taking place on a deserted island?

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The Alleged UFO sighting On Starbuck Island

User @googlemapsfun was zooming in on an island called Starbuck Island while browsing Google Earth near French Polynesia and north of Kiribati. They began exploring the island when they noticed something strange.

The Alleged UFO sighting On Starbuck Island

They noticed a lengthy streak across the terrain and questioned why it was on an abandoned island until they were told they had discovered the explanation. They approach the object on the beach and inquire if it is a UFO crash.

The TikTok comments range from funny to informative.

One user adds, “Starbuck Island (where Starbucks cane comes from).”

“It’s a relic from the Guano collection in the nineteenth century. It’s called for the commander who discovered it, Starbuck “Another commenter mentions the unusual item seen in the movie.

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Starbuck Island Ufo Debunked

Dr. Enric Sala and “members of the Ocean Now crew were stuck on Starbuck Island during an on-shore tour,” according to two videos broadcast by National Geographic in 2009. The camera pans out about 36 seconds into the film to reveal the hand-built structures.

That’s probably what Google Earth shows, with the streaks behind it indicating the roads to the structures.

Valentine Starbuck, the captain of a whaling ship, found Starbuck Island in 1823. Under the Guano Act of 1856, the United States claimed it until Britain annexed it in 1866.

The island is now a popular nesting ground for a variety of species and a wildlife refuge. Despite the fact that no UFOs have crashed on the island, numerous ships have sunk in the surrounding waters. The Bark Seladon reached Starbuck Island at a speed of seven knots and was immediately overrun by water, according to an 1897 issue of the Sacramento Daily Union. Survivors made it to Sophia Island, where they were cared for for ten months by locals until a steam ship came along and took them up.

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