Who Is David Dobrik’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

Dobrik is the leader of the popular YouTube group The Vlog Squad, which is made up of a rotating group of his friends and is a big part of his vlogs. Dobrik’s vlog channel had 19 million followers as of July 6, 2022, and 7.1 billion people had watched his videos. In 2019, the channel had 2.4 billion views, making it the fifth most-watched creator channel on YouTube. Dobrik’s work with the Vlog Squad has led to problems, like Jeff Wittek’s claims that he sexually assaulted, bullied, and hurt him.

Before he started his vlog on YouTube in 2015, he was doing well on the video-sharing site Vine. In 2019, he and a friend started the photography app Dispo.

Looking into his personal life, he is currently a single person. Despite rumors to the contrary, David Dobrik is not dating Taylor Hudson, who is his assistant. Fans were almost sure they were dating or hooking up because they shared a home and worked together professionally.

Who Is David Dobrik's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

It’s not the first time that Dobrik’s team member has been linked to him. He became well-known on the Internet in the middle of the 2010s when he started posting videos on YouTube. Since then, he has been linked to a number of well-known people. 

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Know About David Dobrik’s Dating History

Dobrik has only been in one confirmed relationship, but there have been rumors that he has been in many more. Here are the details of his previous relationships.

David Dobrik And Natalie Mariduena

Natalie Mariduena has known Dobrik for a long time and works for him right now. Due to how close they are, there have been rumors that they are dating more than once. But in May 2020, Dobrik put an end to them when he joked that they were hooking up because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who Is David Dobrik's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

“I think it should be clear by now that Natalie and I will never get together,” Dobrik told Seventeen at the time. “Even if this pandemic lasted for 25 years and we had to stay inside the whole time. That will never happen.”

David Dobrik And Liza Koshy

Dobrik and Liza Koshy were one of the most popular YouTube couples during their two years together. But in 2018, the two broke up, and they said so in a YouTube video. “For now, it wasn’t healthy for us to stay together,” Dobrik said in the video, which was shared by BBC.

Who Is David Dobrik's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

“You never know what could happen, but not now.” Even though it’s not clear why they broke up, they both said that the stress of their YouTube careers played a role. “Liza broke up with me because she thought we were getting too far apart because we were both so busy,” Dobrik said.

“As much as I hate to say it, I was also feeling it on my side, but I don’t have the guts to do it.” “We felt like we were living different lives, but neither of us could accept it,” Koshy said. “So I decided that we should end things. We didn’t want to tell anyone because we were mad that we had grown apart in the first place.”

Who Is David Dobrik's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

Shortly after he broke up with Koshy, Dobrik was also linked to Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter, and Madison Beer. But they never confirm their relationship in public.

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David Dobrik And Lorraine Nash

Dobrik’s YouTube videos are known for being crazy, and 2019 was no different. During that time, he decided to marry Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine because of a joke.

Who Is David Dobrik's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

In the end, they got married in May 2019 in Las Vegas and then broke up right away. “It hurts me to tell you this, but my girlfriend Lorraine and I have decided to break up. We wish we had heard this news first, but we know it’s hard for the media to avoid spreading rumors “Dobrik said in an Instagram post.

Dobrik said on Live with Kelly and Ryan that getting married and then getting divorced cost him more than $30,000.

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