Who Is David Mccallum’s Wife? What Happened To Him?

David McCallum, a Scottish-born actor, endeared himself to American viewers through his portrayal of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard on the long-running CBS series NCIS for over two decades. David was a highly talented actor and accomplished author, cherished by a global audience. Among his noteworthy television portrayals, David McCallum also took on the characters of Carter in “Colditz” and Steel in “Sapphire & Steel.”

Throughout his remarkable career, his constant companion was his wife, Katherine Carpenter. Tragically, David McCallum passed away at the age of 90 from natural causes, surrounded by loved ones, on September 25, 2023, at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Let’s delve into the life of the woman who held a special place in his heart.

Who Is David McCallum’s Wife Katherine Carpenter?

Katherine, wife of David McCallum, born in Hollywood, California, on November 30, 1944, initially pursued a career as a model and actress. It was in 1965 that she crossed paths with David McCallum during a photo shoot for the 1960s TV series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” where he portrayed the secret agent Illya Kuryakin. Their union endured for an impressive 56 years until David’s passing.

In 2017, David expressed their relationship as being like “two halves of a whole,” emphasizing their strong teamwork in problem-solving. He stated that the essence of a successful marriage lies in understanding each other’s desires and ensuring they are fulfilled.

Who Is David Mccallum's Wife? What Happened To Him?

In 2022, David credited his wife’s success for helping support their family. He explained that, especially during his early years as an actor, the primary concern was generating sufficient income to sustain their household. He noted that Katherine’s remarkable talent played a crucial role in their shared journey, ultimately resulting in a highly successful relationship. Keep reading for more.

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David McCallum’s Previous Marriage And Former Wife

Before David McCallum and Katherine’s relationship, David was married to actress Jill Ireland, and they had three children together. Jill Ireland, an English actress and singer, began her career in the 1950s with small film roles. She met David McCallum in 1957 on the set of “Hell Drivers,” leading to their marriage in London. During their ten-year union, they became parents to three sons. Tragically, in 1989, one of their sons, Jason, passed away from an accidental overdose. Jill and David divorced in 1967, and she left him for her co-star Charles Bronson from “The Great Escape.”

Who Is David Mccallum's Wife? What Happened To Him?

In a 2017 interview, David expressed no ill will toward Bronson and emphasized the importance of amicably addressing life’s challenges. However, their marriage came to an end due to Jill’s affair with David’s “The Great Escape” co-star, Charles Bronson. In 1968, David and Katherine, who was 11 years younger than him, married, having dated since 1967. Their marriage lasted for an impressive 56 years until David’s passing. The couple welcomed a son named Peter and a daughter named Sophie.

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Legendary ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ And ‘NCIS’ Actor, David McCallum, Dies At The Age Of 90

“David McCallum, known for ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and ‘NCIS,’ passed away at 90. He died of natural causes in New York, surrounded by family. McCallum gained fame in the ’60s as Illya Kuryakin in ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and later played Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard in ‘NCIS,’ earning Emmy nominations. He was 90.”

Throughout his career, McCallum received three Emmy nominations, including two for his work in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” He also earned recognition for his role as an educator dealing with alcoholism in a 1969 Hallmark Hall of Fame drama called “Teacher, Teacher.”

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