Who Is Daymond John’s Wife? Everything About His Personal Life

Daymond Garfield John is a businessman, investor, and TV personality from the United States. He is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU. He also appears on the ABC reality show Shark Tank as an investor. John started The Shark Group, which is based in New York City.

John began FUBU in the house where his mother lived in Hollis, Queens. When John first thought of starting a business selling clothes for young men, his mother taught him how to sew and helped him by letting the business use her house to grow. John cofounded Daymond John’s Success Formula in 2015. This is a program that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to start and grow their businesses.

If you’re curious about his personal life, he’s been married to Heather Taras who is his second wife. Read on to find out about his present wife, how he met her, and his first marriage.

Meet Daymond John’s Wife, Heather Taras

The fashion mogul met his wife, Heather Taras years after he and his ex-wife broke up. Even though it’s not clear when they met for the first time, Techie Gamers thinks they started hanging out as friends in 2012. Things turned romantic sometime after that.

Even though Taras tried to stay out of the spotlight, it is thought that she worked as a nurse before she met John. When she was younger, she loved to model and was interested in a career in fashion. Even though she didn’t become a model, Taras shows off her great body on Instagram, where she has a huge following of 19,000 people. She also talks about her life with John and shows her support for the businessman by promoting his projects on social media, such as FUBU, “Shark Tank,” his best-selling books, and other business ventures.

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John And Heather Got Engaged In 2016

In September 2016, John got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Heather. John, who is 47, says, “I was a little scared” when he proposed. “I had to write a speech. I knew there were a lot of eyes on me. You never really know how someone will respond, of course.”

“She could always say no, and that was the first time I’d been on the carpet trying to sell something to someone. So, it was a little scary, of course.” The business owner told Us Weekly, “She got a little teary-eyed, but she said yes pretty quickly!” Minka, John and Heather’s 6-month-old baby, was also there. 

John And Taras Have A Daughter

Heather Taras and Daymond John have a daughter, Minka Jagger, who was born in March of 2016, which was a few months before they got engaged and got married in Greece. In an interview with Contemporary Approaches in 2020, Taras talked about being a mom and what she wanted for her daughter.

“Confidence and understanding,” she said. “I’m raising our daughter Minka to be a strong, confident woman who knows she’s important and that her voice matters. As the mother of a child of mixed race, it is my job to teach her how to deal with ignorance and build her up so that she can handle any situation she may face.”

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Daymond John Was Previously Married

Daymond John was divorced before he married Heather Taras. Before he became famous, he married his first wife, whom he won’t name in interviews. They had two daughters, Yasmeen and Destiny John. According to the source, after John was baffled by his success at FUBU, he and his wife decided to get a divorce. During an interview on “Forefront” (via CNBC), he admitted that he had stopped being a good husband and father. His wife and kids saw him more on TV than in person. “Because I was always in commercials, and when I wasn’t, I was just hanging out,” he said. “I was so busy with work.”

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