Know About Dennis Schroder’s Wife And Their Relationship

Dennis Mike Schröder is a pro basketball player from Germany, and he’s now on the Toronto Raptors team in the NBA. In 2023, he helped Germany win their first-ever World Cup in basketball at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup. He was also named the best player of the tournament and called the FIBA World Cup MVP.

He played basketball for several teams in the NBA, including the Atlanta Hawks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Houston Rockets.

Looking into his personal life, he is a happily married person. Dennis Schroder is married to Ellen Schroder. Before they got married, her name was Ellen Ziolo. Here in this post, we’ll get to know about Ellen and her relationship with Dennis.

Meet Dennis Schroder’s Wife, Ellen Ziolo

Ellen Ziolo became well-known as the wife of Dennis Schroder. She was born in Braunschweig, Germany, on December 10, 1991. She is now an Instagram model and personality who made her name on her own. She is from Braunschweig, Germany. She is the oldest of Silvia, Daniel, and Kevin Ziolo, her three younger siblings.

Know About Dennis Schroder's Wife And Their Relationship

Ziolo is a young woman in her early thirties, and she and Schroder have made themselves a charming little world. In the same way, this fit beauty has shocked the world with her stunning photos and posts on Instagram.

According to NEW YORK POST, Ellen, who is married to Dennis, has a message for those who doubt her husband after his blunder with a multi-million dollar contract.

“I’m so happy that my husband decided to stay true to himself and fight for his goals and vision! I know that not everyone gets this… they’d put money ahead of everything else… “Show some love, be patient, and see what happens,” Ellen Schroder, Schroder’s wife, wrote on her Instagram story.

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Inside Dennis And Ellen’s Relationship

Dennis and Ellen have been friends since they were both in high school. In 2017, they started dating, and in 2019, they decided to get married. July 20, 2019, was the exact date of their wedding.

The couple has a son and a daughter together. Dennis Schroder Jr. is the name of the son, and Imalia Aaliyah is the name of the daughter.

Know About Dennis Schroder's Wife And Their Relationship

Ellen Ziolo had her first child on February 19, 2019. He was a boy, and she named him Dennis Mallick Junior after his dad. On April 19, 2019, the wife of Dennis Schroder told the public the name of her first child.

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The couple had their second child, a daughter, in August 2020. They named her Imalia Aaliyah.
Dennis Schroder’s family lives in Los Angeles, California, in the neighborhood of Tarzana. After joining the Los Angeles Lakers, the player bought a house there for $4.3 million. Now he and his family lived there happily.

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