Who Is Devyn Simone’s Husband? All You Need To Know

Devyn Simone’s journey in the entertainment world began in community theater in both Missouri and Kansas, where she played roles in productions like “Bang Bang You’re Dead,” “You Can’t Take It With You,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “Aesop’s Rockin’ Fables.”

Remarkably, before she even turned 17, Devyn had already become an official movie critic for a prominent radio station, hosted a weekly teen radio talk show, and held the title of Miss American Teen.

In addition to the details provided above, this article delves into the topic of Devyn Simone’s husband, exploring her marital status and all the information surrounding her wedding. Furthermore, we will discuss Devyn Simone’s role as “Your Guide to Lasting Love.”

Devyn Simone’s Husband Adam Lock, And Their ‘Soulmates’ Wedding

Devyn Simone, the star of “The Real World: Brooklyn” has officially tied the knot with her fiancé, Adam Lock. Their wedding was a “soulmates” themed celebration that took place in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

Describing her husband, Devyn shared, “Adam is the kindest, most supportive and thoughtful person I know. He loves with his whole heart. It’s an honor to even know him, let alone marry him.”

Who Is Devyn Simone’s Husband? All You Need To Know

The wedding ceremony, held on a historic rooftop in downtown Kansas City, was an intimate affair with 90 close friends and family members in attendance. The ceremony was presided over by Devyn’s dear friend and former host of “What Not to Wear,” Clinton Kelly.

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Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone had previously worked together, co-hosting TLC’s “Love at First Swipe,” and she expressed the sentiment that they had shared many wonderful moments together. Devyn also mentioned that having Clinton officiate the ceremony was a special choice for her.

The wedding celebration, expertly planned by Events by Elle and produced by Be Inspired PR, was a reflection of the unique bond between Devyn and Adam.

The ceremony featured beautiful florals by Heart + Soul, with a passage on the significance of soulmates being read by the groom’s sister. To further enhance the “soulmates” theme, a specialty chocolate martini cocktail was named after it.

Devyn Simone: Your Guide To Lasting Love

Devyn Simone is a well-known matchmaker and dating expert, known for her adept guidance that has led numerous singles to discover and nurture enduring and fulfilling relationships.

In her role as a matchmaker, Devyn has conducted personal interviews with over a thousand single individuals and hundreds of happy couples. This extensive interaction has provided her with valuable insights into the unique challenges people face when navigating the complexities of dating in the digital age.

Who Is Devyn Simone’s Husband? All You Need To Know

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Over the years, Devyn has meticulously analyzed this data, resulting in the development of a comprehensive set of best practices, tips, and user-friendly formulas designed to assist those who are purposefully dating in their quest for meaningful relationships.

Devyn’s expertise even extended to helping singles revamp their dating profiles on her TLC television show, “Love at First Swipe.” Devyn’s influence as a dating coach has reached far and wide, as she has guided clients on six out of the seven continents (with Antarctica being the sole exception).

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