Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery? Check Her Before and After Pics

The Boys takes place in a world where people with superpowers, called Supes, are seen as heroes by most people and work for a powerful company called Vought International, which markets and makes money off of them.

Erin Moriarty plays Starlight in season 3 of The Boys, and many fans of the show had to look twice because she looks a lot different than she did in seasons one and two. Fans think Erin Moriarty had plastic surgery after she lost a lot of weight in the third season of The Boys.

In this article, we will discuss Erin Moriarty’s amazing transformation in this article along with her before and after pics.

Fans And Many Experts Believe Erin Moriarty Had Plastic Surgery Treatments

Fans think Erin Moriarty had plastic surgery after she lost a lot of weight. Moriarty, however, hasn’t said that she’s had plastic surgery, so it’s possible that her new look is just because she’s lost weight. Many people on Twitter seem to agree, with many of her followers saying that her change was caused by Hollywood and unrealistic beauty standards.

On the other hand, some people seem to think that she has had plastic surgery. Many are of the opinion that she also had an upper blepharoplasty and cheek filler.

The Celebrity Post says that 75% of “experts” think that Erin Moriarty has had plastic surgery.

Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery Done? Check Her Before and After Pics

Celebrity Post magazine did an online survey, and the results were based on a sample of 676 people from all over the world. This is just a guess, though, because there is no evidence to back up any claims of plastic surgery.

Besides, we don’t know who these experts are, but we do know the opinion of a well-known plastic surgeon.

Dr. Anthony Youn, who is known as “America’s holistic plastic surgeon,” broke down the rumors about Erin’s supposed plastic surgery on his YouTube channel.

“Erin’s face is round, which is one of the things that make her look unique. Her jawline is nice. Her eyebrows aren’t really pointy. She has a small nose that might have a small bump on top “Dr. Youn explained.

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Erin Moriarty Before And After Pics – She Might Have Had Rhinoplasty And Botox Treatment

Dr. Youn looked at pictures from the years 2022 and 2016. Some of them seemed like solid proof that Erin had changed her eyebrows and shaved her jawline. But he said that there are pictures of her from 2016 that show that her eyebrows and jawline look the same as they do now.

But that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t gotten any treatment at all.

“I do think it’s possible that she’s had a little bit of Botox recently, which can make her eyebrows arch. But when I watch her on The Boys, I don’t really see any signs of botox at all “Dr. Youn said. “Those people who say she’s had major changes to her jawline are just plain wrong,” she said.

Dr. Youn also said that Erin probably hasn’t had a lot of lip filler, but he thinks she might have had rhinoplasty.

Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery Done? Check Her Before and After Pics

Dr. Youn said, “It does look like a small bump on the top of her nose might have been shaved off.” “It’s possible that her nose was just a little bit nipped.”

Dr. Youn said this about her cheeks: “It does look like her cheeks might have been a little fuller or lifted. This could be because she has had very small amounts of filler put into her cheeks.”

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So, folks, there are rumors that Erin Moriarty had Botox treatment. They are injections that stop muscle contractions and nerve signals for a short time. It can help get rid of lines between the brows and around the eyes that are caused by tense facial muscles. Many people believe Botox doesn’t change people’s looks as much as her new look does. Even so, the actress hasn’t said anything about these rumors.

Did Erin Moriarty Get Breast Augmentation Done?

Did Erin Moriarty Get Breast Augmentation Done?

Some fans think Erin changed something about her chest. The star of The Boys has always had a petite body without a lot of curves, which she showed off in one scene on The Boys. Recent Instagram photos, on the other hand, show her with a much bigger chest. But there is no evidence to back up these claims right now.

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