Know About Diego Loyzaga’s Wife As He Hints At Having A Daughter

Carlos Diego Loyzaga Manhilot, popularly known as Diego Loyzaga, has been making waves in the entertainment industry as a Filipino model, actor, and video jockey. Born on May 21, 1995, Loyzaga has gained recognition for his talent and charm, earning him a place among the Kapamilya Cuties, a male group known for their appeal and charisma.

Amidst his flourishing career, Loyzaga recently made headlines for a personal milestone that caught the attention of his fans and the public alike. On June 8, 2023, he took to his social media accounts to share a heartwarming photograph of himself holding a baby. The caption expressed his joy and gratitude, making it clear that this new addition to his life is the best birthday gift he could have asked for.

Following Diego Loyzaga’s recent social media post, fans and the public are eagerly speculating about the identity of his wife and the mother of his baby. In this article, we will delve into the personal details of this exciting chapter in his life, uncovering the mystery surrounding his partner.

Diego Loyzaga’s Social Media Post

While Diego Loyzaga chose not to explicitly confirm whether he is the baby’s biological father, a significant comment from his mother, Teresa Loyzaga, hinted at a deeper connection. Teresa left a comment under Diego’s Facebook post, expressing her pride and love for her “little ‘Pochola'” and referring to herself as a “Glam-Ma,” a play on the term “grandma.”

Teresa’s use of the word “three” in her comment sparked curiosity and led to speculation that Diego, the baby, and the mother are preparing to build a life together. Fans and followers of Loyzaga eagerly await further updates on this new chapter in his life.

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Diego Loyzaga’s Wife: Unveiling The Mystery

Speculations about the identity of the mother have arisen, considering Diego Loyzaga’s past relationships and associations. His most recent notable relationship was with Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial, which ended in a breakup in February 2022. Diego confirmed his casual involvement with actress Franki Russell later that year, though they decided to remain friends.

Know About Diego Loyzaga's Wife As He Hints At Having A Daughter

Another name that has emerged as a possible mother is sexy star Debbie Garcia, who had a physical altercation with Barbie Imperial in October 2022. Debbie also accused Barbie of making defamatory remarks against her. These circumstances have led some netizens to believe that Debbie might be the reason behind Diego and Barbie’s breakup.

While concrete details regarding the mother’s identity are yet to be unveiled, the timing of the baby’s birth, between late May and early June 2023, suggests a conception period around September-October 2022.

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Excitement And Well-Wishes For Diego’s New Chapter

Diego Loyzaga’s announcement of becoming a father has been met with a flood of congratulatory messages from his family and friends, including Sunshine Cruz, Angelina Cruz, Gil Cuerva, and Enzo Pineda. Fans are eager to witness this new chapter in Loyzaga’s life and eagerly await more updates and glimpses into the journey of Diego Loyzaga’s wife and their precious baby.

As Diego Loyzaga continues to captivate audiences with his talent onscreen, his personal life now takes center stage, adding a new dimension to his already impressive career. With his devoted fanbase and the support of his loved ones, Diego Loyzaga embarks on an exciting and joyous journey into fatherhood.

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